The conspiracy against America ”, a new miniseries, premiered on TV, based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Philip Roth with Zoe Kazan, Anthony Boyle, John Turturro and Winona Ryder, is scheduled on Rai3. The series will be broadcast in three prime time evenings: after the first broadcast on Friday 14 January, the next events are scheduled for Thursday 20 and Friday 28 January at 21.20. The plot against America, the plot
New Jersey, 1940. The Second World War, which is still a European war only, is at the center of the US electoral campaign. On the one hand there is the Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the incumbent president, on the other the Republican Charles Lindbergh, the aviator who first crossed the Atlantic alone. Lindbergh is a national hero, a symbol of the United States at home and abroad. However, he has a small flaw: he looks with sympathy at what Adolf Hitler is doing in Europe. The Levin Jewish family witnesses the aviator’s growing rise to power, which transforms the United States of America into an anti-Semitic country allied with the Nazis. In spite of him, little Philip will witness the violent political and social changes that ensue.Philip Roth’s political fictional novel
The television miniseries broadcast on Rai3 and based on the homonymous political fictional novel by Philip Roth published in 2004. The story presents itself as a ucronia whose point of divergence is the victory of Charles Lindbergh in the 1940 presidential elections , an event that leads the United States of America to almost become an ally of Nazi Germany. The book won the Sidewise Award for Alternative History.
The story is an alternative story that takes place in the United States, where Philip Roth, a Jewish boy who lives in a Semitic neighborhood, lives. The author imagines that Charles Lindbergh, a famous anti-Semitic aviator instead of Roosevelt, is elected in the 1940 presidential election, who – after having chosen Senator Burton K. Wheeler as vice president and the industrialist Henry Ford as interior minister – proclaims the peace of America and its neutrality in the Second World War. For these reasons he enters into a non-aggression pact with Hitler and with the Emperor Hirohito of Japan.
In the epilogue of the novel, Philip’s aunt, Evelyn, wife of Rabbi Bengelsdorf, an important official of the Lindbergh government, reveals that a plot was underway against America: Lindbergh and his wife were nothing but puppets in the hands of Hitler. that he had kidnapped their son and threatened to kill him; the dictator prepared their speeches and opened the way for them to the White House, in order to have America under control and to ensure that it did not attack Germany or any other Axis state. Lindbergh is supposed to have been kidnapped and then made to disappear precisely by the Germans because, even though he was apparently implementing anti-Semitic measures, in reality he was not doing much, limited by his feeling of freedom and American equality. Philip himself admits that the theory,Who is Philip Roth
Born in Newark on March 19, 1933 and died in New York on May 22, 2018, Philip Roth was an American writer, one of the best known and most awarded of his generation. The author is considered not only among the most important English-speaking Jewish novelists, but also, according to critic Harold Bloom, the greatest American storyteller after Faulkner. For Bloom “Roth is the culmination of an unsolved enigma in the Jewish literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The complex influences of Kafka and Freud and the malaise of Jewish-American life produced a new kind of synthesis in Philip ”.
Philip Roth is famous in particular for the long story “Goodbye, Columbus“, which was later combined with 5 other shorter ones in volume which was awarded the National Book Award. The author became known to the general public thanks to “Portnoy’s Lament”, considered by some to be a scandalous book. Since that moment, Roth has carved out a place of great interest and anticipation on the occasion of the release of each title, thanks to a large and constant production and thanks to the clash between admirers and detractors who accuse him of using too open and profane language. He has been proposed several times for the Nobel Prize, which he never obtained, despite having been awarded with other awards.
His novels tend to be autobiographical, with the creation of alter egos (the most famous of which is Nathan Zuckerman, who appears in several works), with characters who bear his true, as in the case of “The plot against America ”, Even when I’m not him (see“ Operation Shylock “). In addition to the autobiographical vein, his family and neighborhood portraits become strongly exemplary of the humanity of the area (the western suburbs of New York and especially Newark) and of the time, so much so that they contribute to paint a personal and collective identity.

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