Do you want to give yourself a manicure to start autumn in the best way
? Find out which are the most popular colors of the moment! Leaving summer behind, it’s time to welcome autumn with a look designed especially for the season. Starting with the nails. Having perfect hands for the return to the office is in fact a great business card, as well as a way to start the working year in the best possible way.
Before booking a visit to your trusted beautician, however, it is good to inquire about the most popular colors and trends for nails starting with the upcoming season. Ready to find out in our guide What are the best fall nail colors
If you are thinking of revolutionizing the look of your hands in the coming months, you will be spoiled for choice. In fact, there are many colors that promise to leave their mark at this end of 2020. Whether you are a discreet person or a woman who loves to dare, you will find a wide range of choices: reading is believing!

  • The colors of the season
  • The timeless red
  • I nude chic
  • I colori dark
  • La french manicure
  • The multicolored nails

The colors of the season
The colors most suitable for nails in autumn are those that recall the earth and the foliage. Ample space, therefore, for warm shades, such as orange or brown in all its shades. The ocher and caramel colors deserve a special mention: these are particularly refined glazes, but perfect to be combined with all your autumn clothing. Opt for this solution especially if you have a dark or amber complexion.
@Shutterstock The timeless red
Another timeless classic represented by red.Both the brightest and the most desaturated shades will be in fashion, to be chosen based on the color of your skin: focus on bright shades, such as Marsala or purple, if you have diaphanous skin, opt instead for more tenuous colors, such as coral red or orange, if you are darker.
@Shutterstock I nude chic
If you are a simple person who does not like excesses you can always rely on the timeless nude color. Minimal and elegant, a coat of transparent nail polish is perfect in any situation. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can apply glitter or illuminating rhinestones instead. Among the neutral shades most suitable for the winter months we cannot fail to mention the grays. Perfect for more formal occasions, they are available in different shades, designed for women of all kinds. Above all, the timeless pearl gray and anthracite gray.
@Shutterstock Dark colors Accomplices
the colder temperatures, even dark colors are very suitable from September onwards. Green light, therefore, for purple in all its darkest shades, from plum to deep indigo. It is a magnetic and out of the ordinary color, so choose it especially if you think it suits your personality more than your outfits. Even the darkest shades of blue deserve a chance: cobalt, midnight blue and sapphire will be very trendy. Finally, if you are not afraid to take risks, let yourself be seduced by black: a nail polish of this color will further embellish your gothic look.
@Shutterstock The French manicure
Again, this is a great classic that definitely shows no sign of waning in terms of popularity. In addition to the classic French manicure, with the “white bezel”, the “reverse” declination will also be very popular, that is with the natural half moon and the color on the tip of the nail.
@Shutterstock Multicolored nails
If you want to try the gel for your autumn nails, the watchword is undoubtedly “dare”. In fact, you can choose to combine more colors, such as pink and red or gray and cobalt. In addition to simpler but always impressive decorations, degrade will be back in trend : try it with the classic spicy autumn shades. As for the nail art, on the other hand, geometric decorations and metallic variants will be the master.
@Shutterstock Autumn nails 2020: what shape to choose
An integral part of a manicure and without a doubt the shape of the nail, which for the next few months is announced strictly “squoval”, that is halfway between theoval and square shape . Among the very young, however, continues the golden moment of the “coffin nails”, brought to the fore by stars like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. The “coffin-shaped” nails have an oblique file along the sides that ends with a non-pointed or rounded, but square end.

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