The great exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh, entitled ” The colors of life “, curated by Marco Goldin, reopens on Tuesday 2 February in Padua, at the Altinate San Gaetano Center . Initially scheduled until April 11, 2021, the exhibition could enjoy an extension of a couple of months. Van Gogh. The colors of life
Van Gogh. The colors of life “, intends to retrace the entire path of his activity, focusing on the main junctions of that path. The places that have seen him become the painter we all know , thanks to those very places, the fascination they have exercised on him, their history that is engraved in his history. It will be precisely analyzedthe relationship between the outside of nature, and sometimes of cities, and the inside of man and painter. To understand why the artist’s evolution was so rapid and why it was necessary and induced by having lived in certain places, first in Belgium and Holland and then in France.
Vincent van Gogh, The Sower, 1888. Otterlo, Kroller-Muller Museum
The exhibition is curated by Marco Goldin who, since 2002, has contributed significantly to deepen the figure and work of Vincent van Gogh in Italy . Mainly with several, large exhibitions but also with some theatrical performances dedicated to the life and work of the Dutch artist. All timethanks to a branched collaboration with museums all over the world, such as to allow many of Van Gogh’s significant works to reach Italy . Who are the protagonists of the works on display
? The paintings, and even the drawings, will represent precisely this path, in a sort of itinerary that holds together the need for physical seeing and that of inner sinking. Brabant will therefore be the place of choice for the entire first phase of the exhibition , with specific attention to the landscapes but also to the figures that characterized this inaugural part of artistic life: therefore the peasants and weavers in Nuenen , but first of all the peasants. in Etten and around The Hague ,the elderly in the hospice in The Hague , the family figures . Together with the affirmation of a nature that little by little, and in advance of what will happen in Provence, begins to take on a decisive role in making us recognize the painter’s image in that same nature.
Vincent van Gogh, The Good Samaritan (from Delacroix), 1890. Otterlo, Kroller-Muller Museum The landscape and the portraits
Thus the second part of the exhibition , from Paris to Auvers-sur-Oise, will have at its center the landscape , that mysterious inspiration that made air, light and above all color become the sign of Van Gogh man on earth. The sign that was embodied in self-portraitsand which we find above all in Van Gogh’s most famous self-portrait, the one with the felt hat, an exceptional loan from the Van Gogh Museum , as a sign of recognition of the work that Linea d’ombra has done on the painter over many years.
Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Joseph-Michel Ginoux, 1888. Otterlo, Kroller-Muller Museum
Just as it will have to find testimony in the figures that accompanied the life of Van Gogh , from the Roulin to the Ginoux. In this way Arles intertwines with them, just as Saint-Remy and Auvers will be mainly nature. The ambition of the exhibition– backed by a hundred works including paintings and drawings and which is done thanks to the decisive collaboration of the Van Gogh Museum and the Kroller-Muller Museum as well as many other museums in the world, both American and European – will be to accompany the visitor to meeting Vincent at every turn of his way, without excluding any .
Vincent van Gogh, Landscape with sheaves and rising moon, 1889. Otterlo, Kroller-Muller Museum The extension
Re-inaugurated these days, the curator Godin said he was ready to extend the exhibition until June. “If things were to continue in a more serene way, that is, without new openings in fits and starts, we are almost certain to be able to make a substantial extension of a couple of months, which could thus lead us to June.”

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