The Colegio Cervantes, in Dos Hermanas , will not offer places for three-year-olds next year. This is the first step towards the extinction of this educational center, whose students and teaching staff will be linked to the nearby CEIP Vicente Aleixandre .
As of March 1, when the schooling process begins , parents who live near this school will not be able to request it so that their children can study there. The Ministry of Education and Sports will eliminate from September the only three-year-old line that remains in said center.
Although the municipal group of Adelante Andaluciain the Nazarene City Council has blamed this elimination on the department headed by Javier Imbroda, the truth is that, as sources from the Territorial Delegation of Education have confirmed to this newspaper, the measure responds to a decision of the Town Hall, whose intention passes for building social housing on the municipally owned plot of land occupied by the CEIP Cervantes.
To do this, two schools will be merged, the Cervantes and the Vicente Aleixandre, which have adjoining buildings. Of course, the sports courts and some other facilities of the school that will be extinguished (built in 1967) would be maintained.

It will be extinguished in 2022

The disappearance of the Cervantes will be a reality at the end of the 2021/22 academic year. According to Education, it is “a proposal from the City Council of Dos Hermanas”, which has received the approval of the Board “in the context of a drop in enrollment due to the drop in birth rates”. In this way, the Vicente Aleixandre will spend the next course to have two classrooms for three-year-olds, instead of one, as now.
The Territorial Delegation of Education abounds that the idea of ​​the Nazarene City Council, governed by the socialist Francisco Toscano , is to allocate part of the site where the Cervantes is located to the construction of social housing. A project that is part of the strategy launched in 2013, when to meet the demand for educational places in this area -near the future Way shopping center- the plot where the CEIP Vicente Aleixandre was built was transferred in exchange for modifying the use of the land where the school is now located, which will disappear in two years.
The Board, in this sense, recalls that a “similar” operation was carried out in the Nazarene municipality in 1997, when three schools merged: Antonio Machado, Hermanos Alvarez Quintero and Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, a process that resulted in the current CEIP Andalusian Poets .

Meeting with parents

The association of parents of students ( AMPA) from the school met this Wednesday with representatives of the Dos Hermanas Consistory, a meeting where, according to Diario de Sevilla, those responsible for the local government blamed the regional Executive for the disappearance of Cervantes. This newspaper has tried, without success, to obtain an explanation from the Nazarene City Council, whose official sources have limited themselves to saying that “there is no news on this matter.”
This school jumped into the news arena last spring when this newspaper reported on the alleged humiliation that a minor with autism suffered from two teachers.

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