Paola Sacchi’s post, already a political correspondent to L’Unita and Panorama
Reading the other evening, by chance, on Twitter about the “purge”, as he denounced it, from the Luiss University of Professor Marco Gervasoni, historian of prestige, author of important essays, I immediately thought of a joke. But then that “joke” reminded me of “The joke”, I believe the first novel by Milan Kundera, set in Prague in 1948. I read it about twenty years ago, at the suggestion of a friend of mine, a university professor himself , less famous than Gervasoni, and of reformist left origins.
In summary, it is the story of a young man who, for having sent a postcard to a friend in which he makes irony about his excessive commitment to the Communist Party, is expelled from the University, jailed, sent to work in the mine. Basically, the Gulag. Professor Gervasoni, as far as I know, would have been dismissed from Luiss for a tweet, judged a little too rough, a little too provocative. He was on the Sea Watch, where he associated himself with the request of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, to seize and metaphorically sink the obviously empty ship, adding a “Bum”. The roughly provocative intent was evident. Maybe too much. Even if for Rai journalists who actually invited Matteo Salvini to commit suicide and even brought up his daughter, it would seem that there are no problems.
Gervasoni evidently with that tweet intended to make a provocation to denounce the illicit trafficking of human beings that exploits the tragedy of immigration. Meloni was covered on social media by insults of all kinds, without being defended by anyone on the left. And Gervasoni now, as he denounces, is “purged” by Luiss, after his expulsion was also requested by the Anpi from the University of Molise where he teaches.
From the left only the free and guaranteed voice of Piero Sansonetti rises, who thinks about immigration and other things in a diametrically opposite way to that of Gervasoni. And what a color! Sansonetti, former director of Doubt, from whom he was fired for his positions evidently considered too uncomfortable, defended in some tweets and in an interview granted to the undersigned for, by Monica Macchioni, Meloni from sexist insults and Gervasoni from attacks of the Anpi.
Sansonetti said: “Expelling the professors from the Universities and fascist activity”. To me, however, in the case of the “confindustrial” Luiss, the story is rather reminiscent of the Stalinism of Kundera’s “Scherzo”. I do not agree with all the positions of Professor Gervasoni, in my small way I believe in non-Eurodogmatic Europeanism rather than in sovereignty. In the wake of the teaching of Bettino Craxi, who however warned: “National peculiarities must be respected, otherwise there is the risk of virulent nationalisms”. As written in an unpublished piece by the socialist statesman in the latest issue of the magazine of the Craxi Le Sfide Foundation, summarized by the secretary general of the Nicola Carnovale Foundation.
That same Foundation on whose board is Professor Gervasoni, who is not a virulent nationalist. And who deserves the credit for having always defended the memory of “Bettino” with the sword. Perhaps this too is a nice aggravating circumstance
Gervasoni is not a virulent nationalist, and in my eyes a historian who tries to explain the sovereign phenomenon without ideological prejudices, as did Daniele Capezzone (of whom he is often a guest in the press reviews of Maurizio Belpietro’s Truth ) together with Federico Punzi with the book Brexit (Giubilei Regnani). I have not yet read Gervasoni’s new book The Sovereign Revolution (Giubilei Regnani). I read it as soon as possible, all the more so after “The joke” they did to him.

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