Build customer loyalty by streamlining their procedures

More and more supermarkets, in order to facilitate purchases for their most frequent customers, launch specific cards to make each payment according to the consumer’s preferred convenience . A way to satisfy a need at all generational levels and that goes through customer loyalty to the supermarket they trust and from which, in addition, they can take advantage of the advantages of said card, as well as discounts and savings checks . Because, in a world where competition is fierce and supply often exceeds demand, it is necessary to act sharply.
One of the application examples of said resource is revealed by the renowned firmCarrefour through your credit card known as Pass Card . A card that allows us to manage our most suitable forms of payment depending on the case, both in cash and on credit , simply using its applications or its website. In the same way, being able to request it comfortably online, which adds a plus of simplicity to obtaining a card with great advantages . And that, furthermore, is also adjusted to purchases made outside Carrefour establishments if we are part of their Club.

Carrefour Pass Card: adapted to the user’s ecosystem

Getting into the matter, Carrefour offers a credit card with no annual fee or maintenance cost, so it remains totally free year after year and, furthermore, can be used anywhere in the world. Since the card is linked to our bank account number , it is not necessary to change entities, so the card operates as an intermediary between the Carrefour establishment and our current account. Likewise, admitting different payment methods that range from the aforementioned cash payment , to payment at the end of the month or, little by little, on credit . A wide range for each type of client according to their needs.
As mentioned, one of the great advantages of this card is the ability to operate outside the company’s supermarkets., in turn, being able to enjoy its benefits. In this way, the Carrefour Pass Card, and thus being clients of The Carrefour Club, it is possible to accumulate 1% of purchases outside Carrefour in our ChequeAhorro , the amount of which we can spend in any of its stores. A combination that totally shields our resources at the time of making the purchase, expanding options and possibilities through a versatile and dynamic product that is easily manageable.

How do I consult the information of my purchase

To use it properly, just access theCarrefour Pass App, enable the specifications and forms that are highlighted there and that’s it. In addition, for the purpose of maintaining control over our purchases, this application allows us to consult all our movements with the Pass Card . A fact that is extremely useful to know our savings and our expenses, along with adding a fast and incredibly comfortable query channel. With the ability to view the limits of the card and obtain all the information about the money available on credit and in cash to maintain our organization.
In the same way, the Carrefour Pass App allows us to filter our movements by dates and amounts, which is very helpful for easy access to specific information. Also serving to check receipts, monthly payments or accumulated debt , as well as to expand our line of credit, modify some of its parameters and practically any operation related to the use of a card with said characteristics. A card that, counting on the money accumulated in the ChequeAhorro that can be consulted through the app , is part of a society that is increasingly accustomed to the digital management of its day-to-day activities.

Born to make life easier

Contextualizing the Carrefour Pass Card in our contemporaneity, as has been mentioned previously, competition between firms requires milestones of innovationthat allow the company to stand out from the rest. With the example of these cards, we find, on the one hand, a hallmark of a firm concerned about its customers , about the management of its resources. As well as, on the other hand, a way to unify purchases through a product whose continued use we can also obtain advantages and accumulate discounts . For the benefit of the company, building customer loyalty by the mere fact of providing them with a resource that facilitates their consumption in it.
In the same way, the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled not only online purchases, but also the carrying out of all kinds of procedures on the network and, at the same time, the centralization of daily speed up your course. Although these types of cards are not a direct consequence of the pandemic on society as we understand it, they are related to that need to make our lives easier , so present in these times.
With Carrefour, from a card that not only conforms to our preferred payment method . But, in addition, it offers us succulent advantages in combination with its ChequeAhorro. Reason why, redundantly, there are plenty of reasons to get a Pass Card and start enjoying our purchases like never before. As simple as choosing our preferences and starting to use it to our liking, also, both inside and outside any establishment of the Carrefour company.

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