Now Macarena Olona lets herself be loved to lead the Vox list in Andalusia. In his day he denied it after visiting the Basilica de la Macarena, but now, oh, those of Abascal will have to resort to the national deputy for Granada to approach those twenty deputies who will make them decisive in forming a government. Olona causes panic in the Andalusian PP. At first it’s scary. Nobody says it in public, obviously, but it is recognized in private. Olona in Seville is remembered for the years she worked as a state attorney representing none other than Mercasa, the state company that is part of the shareholders of Mercasevilla, the public company where the corruption case broke out that led to the murky ERE issue that is still being settled in court.
Those years were of tough negotiations in which from private lawyers to the general secretary of the City Council knew of his abilities and legal skills. Vox cannot afford a setback in the region in which it began to exist in December 2018, nor can it be permanently removed from government responsibilities. One day he will have to manage public budgets , even if it is in the autonomous communities in which he does not believe. With Olona as a candidate, the roost is encouraged, the PP is concerned and the PSOE indirectly benefits.
President Moreno knows it. It would be sweet for Juan Espadas if Olona presented himself as a candidate in Andalusia. It would be much easier to mobilize the 600,000 socialist voters who stayed home in the last elections. We’ll see if those on the far left have signed the peace by then, or if they continue to be pinched by nuns (and monks) with parliamentary allowances. Olona has made clear his contempt for Ciudadanos, the party that simply ceased to exist on the day of Rivera’s electoral blow. Olona smells that Vox could stay with one of the 21 orange deputies, that’s why she herds Marin like a mother to the son who doesn’t study: “He’s lazy”. And when he shoots the PP, he does it more to avoid losing supporters than to steal them from the neo-moderate Moreno, who is, at least, facing the gallery.
The parliamentary spokesman for Vox, Manuel Gavira , describes Dona Macarena as “canon” . If she lands in Andalusia, Vox will show that she is seriously committed to the South. Olona is a cluster bomb with unpredictable effects. I’m looking forward to this lady showing up to see, at the very least, Tezanos’ augury.

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