The last two episodes of the second series of L’amica Geniale went on the air last night . Two episodes that close a phase in the life of the two protagonists that we will no longer see interpreted by the actresses we loved so much. We saw the episode with a bit of despair but we are ready to tell you what happened. Franco Mari
Elena started her new life in Pisa far from the district and above all from Lila and savors her happiness and light-heartedness with Franco Mari, a rich and carefree young student with whom she has an intense relationship. The boy, however, feels he has to respond to the wind of the 1968 revolt and decides to abandon his studies and Elena. Mom arrives
The days of abandonment are the hardest for Elena who falls into the vortex of self-pity, regardless of what other students think of her who tease her about her accent and the scandalously libertine relationship she had with Mari. She falls ill and her mother arrives directly from Naples just as she is dreaming of Lila and her baby. The mother with her appreciates her and is not used to openly showing her feelings for her, but Elena feels that she is no longer alone. Lila’s pregnancy
Lila is pregnant, convinced that it belongs to Nino, she agrees to carry out the pregnancy she who has always been afraid of spreading, going beyond the borders with the terror of what could have happened, closes herself in a silence and in a self-confinement. She establishes new rules of life with the husband with whom she decides to stay in order to give a dignified life to her son. The renunciation and the teacher Oliviero
Rino was born and will not have the name of Achille, the grandfather, and the noises in Stefano’s hospital are worthless, the child for Lila will never be a criminal. His plan is simple: take advantage of Stefano to get what his children need and make sure he receives the best possible education. Then the meeting with the teacher Oliviero who condemns her without appeals for the life she has chosen and because she has given up on a bright future. Lila runs away, disappointed and embittered and goes to meet her fate. Michele Solara’s proposal
The fate of Lila is all to be written when the proposal from Michele Solara arrives, he too in love with her, who wants to have her with him despite Rino and her husband. When the girl refuses, Michele confesses her husband’s relationship with Ada di lei that has been going on since the time of Ischia. Lila seems relieved and at the same time worried that someone will take away what Stefano Carracci gives her. Ada
Ada and Stefano’s woman, and the one with whom he spends his nights and all her free time, Lila’s antithesis for beauty, intelligence and self-denial. Her entry into the scene is strong, violent as ever. She carries Stefano’s son in her womb and she expects to be recognized, a place in that house. The woman takes possession of her house, of her husband and Lila has nothing to do but rely on her hero: Enzo.Almost
Elena lives more and more in her limbo and almost accepted by her professors who advise her to devote herself to teaching rather than an academic career, and almost welcomed by her friends who, however, do not miss the opportunity to call her “Naples” and do not forgive her her relationship with Mari, and almost graduated even if it terrifies her for it would mean going back to the ward. At this moment she indulges even more in the memory of her, her only consolations are the books and pages she indulges in writing. Pietro Airota
The deus ex machina for Elena has curly hair and the simple look of a decent boy who is Pietro Airota. Elena doesn’t even know who that guy is who goes out of his way to get to know her one afternoon. It is a difficult moment but it is right now that the first pages of her novel will be born. The brilliant friend 2, plot and commentary of episodes 5 and 6
Yesterday two more new episodes of the second series of The brilliant friend aired. Here’s what happened in the story inspired by Elena Ferrante’s novels Pietro’s family
Pietro is not just a student, he is the son of one of the most important academics in Italy and Elena meets him at an official family lunch where he notices the enormous difference with his experience. In Pietro’s family there is no shouting at each other, one speaks and argues with the utmost education, one speaks of politics at the table, one breathes confrontation and culture. Elena’s revolution
And while the revolution of ’68 is raging outside, Elena lives her own: she has decided to get engaged to Pietro, to be related to an important family, to return to the neighborhood for a short time, to have the boy read his novel and who knows to become a teacher and maybe a writer. The blue fairy
The teacher Oliviero dies, but shortly before she decides to send Elena her notebooks and report cards, in the package there is also the story that the two friends wrote when they were younger. At the same time Elena receives confirmation that the novel will be published and she seeks Lila to tell her the good news. Hell of Lila
Lila the most loved, the most beautiful and intelligent, the one with the wedding photo on display in the shop in Piazza dei Martiri, is no longer there. In place of her there is a broken wren who works in a sausage factory. Degradation, squalor and poverty invade Elena who goes to look for her in the neighborhood where Lila lives and which, on closer inspection, is even worse than the neighborhood. She looks for her and finds her, tells her that she graduated from Oliviero, from her novel about her and from The Blue Fairy. Lila is happy and moved but as soon as her friend leaves her, she throws the notebook with the story into the fire. A gesture that betrays her sadness in her destiny and for which she, despite having fought, she was unable to escape. The brilliant friend 2, plot and commentary of episodes 3 and 4
For those who missed the last two episodes, here is a summary so as not to miss anything of the engaging plot inspired by the novels of Elena Ferrante The digression
The digression is the title of Elena’s novel and its presentation, in Milan, leads to the discovery of a small criticism for those who define, the episode of Ischia, with the adult man, not necessary. Suddenly the figure of Nino appears from the audience.
The second series ended very well, the respect for Elena Ferrante’s words was perfect, the setting, the lights and the acting of all the performers exceptional, the third series will know how to equate so much beauty

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