During the holidays the table becomes the protagonist: it is the place of excellence where we gather to live and share the joy of being together. This is why it is important to prepare it (and prepare yourself) with care and attention, to honor the holidays but also to show our loved ones affection and an extra thought, which makes the moments together even more special.
To create an impeccable table , which respects others and the environment, a few precautions and a pinch of commitment are enough: here is a mini guide for a chic and green party table signed by the etiquette and bon ton expert Elisa Motterle for SodaStream, the leading brand of homemade sparkling water without waste of plastic.Planning Christmas equipment and menus
Often underestimated in Christmas conviviality, planning is actually a key element: planning allows us to experience the highlight of the holidays without stress, enjoying the moment and avoiding unpleasant unexpected events.
First of all you have to decide on the equipment and make sure you have tidy tablecloths and napkins and enough plates and cutlery for all the guests. Don’t worry about having a full service, the mix and match at the table is trendy!
By going to the menu, it is advisable to choose one that allows the hosts to enjoy the conviviality. No, therefore, to dishes that are too complicated or that need to be cooked instantly, such as souffle and risotto.
In addition to a detailed shopping list to complete purchases a few days in advance, if you receive at home it is essential to create a timetable to optimize times: while the broth is cooking we can stuff the roast, while the roast is in oven we can prepare the canapes and so on.
The to do list is too long Don’t
panic: to facilitate the organization just divide the tasks , involving – why not
– relatives and friends. The important thing is that everyone knows exactly what to do, otherwise chaos is created! Christmas table: the art of
equipment The equipment for holidays must be richer than the daily one, just to underline the special moment.
First of all it is advisable to put a cloth under the cloth: it will serve to protect the table and to muffle the noise of the dishes. The festive tablecloth is important: the most elegant are those in white flan but for Christmas day the colored ones are also perfect, for example with Scottish patterns, or embroidered with traditional motifs such as pine garlands and festoons. Decorative elements, such as placemats, bread plates, add a special touch to the table and are perfect on a feast day. Even the napkin (which goes to the left or on the plate) lends itself to being a decoration: just tie it with a ribbon to which you can add a sprig with berries, a small pine cone or a biscuit. A perfect activity to involve children in the preparations as well.
The centerpiece deserves a separate paragraph: whether it is already packaged or homemade, it must not obstruct the view and hinder the conversation. To choose the right one, the ideal would be to follow the shape of the table: therefore round centerpieces for round or square tables, elongated centerpieces for oval or rectangular tables The true spirit of the Christmas Holidays
During the holidays we must not lose sight of the most authentic spirit of these days, based on sharing, love and respect, including that for the environment. Let’s avoid food waste : it is possible to donate food and food surpluses to numerous charities. Always on the subject of food, go local: we give up the first fruits that come from afar (and have a strong carbon footprint) to prefer local, seasonal foods, possibly from small producers.
On the table, then, disposable plastic must be banned – not so much for an aesthetic as an environmental issue. The ally par excellence of chic & green equipment and the latest addition to SodaStream: it’s called DUO and it’s the first carbonator compatible with both reusable PET and glass bottles, ideal for the party table. With a contemporary design, DUO allows with a simple touch to transform tap water into water and carbonated drinks (excellent for a non-alcoholic aperitif to serve as a welcome).
For a sustainable Christmas, PVC cards, ribbons and bows should also be avoided in favor of more eco-friendly materials, such as old newspaper or wrapping paper, to be embellished with brightly colored fabric ribbons or pine twigs. Without forgetting, of course, to correctly separate waste.
The bon ton of the festive table

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