Draghi Government in crisis
The imminent Conte crisis is safer… Damato’s Scratches

Although mitigated, if not contradicted, by the images that come from Ukraine, between demolished or mutilated buildings and unburied victims, “the first glimmers of peace” warned by the Press and by the manifesto in their front page headlines, built on the news concerning above all the Ongoing negotiations between the parties in Turkey on the war started by Putin, have curiously – but not too much – translated into the first concrete signs of crisis in Italian domestic politics. Which develops on its own logic and for its own purposes, being the most absorbing problem of all political forces – more and less – that of the now imminent administrative elections and next year’s political elections, if Giuseppe Conte fails, willy-nilly, to provoke the advance with muscle tests against the increase in military expenses that he personally hired with Mario Draghi. Who, firm on his positions, moreover in accordance with the increases already practiced by Conte in his two previous governments, even before the international situation precipitated with Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, wanted to personally inform the President of the Republic of bad turn taken by the reports in the majority.
“The premier uses the Colle weapon”, he reported with some caution in a headline inside Il Fatto Quotidiano, which however was unable to hold back his irritation on the front page by shouting “blackmail”. It would naturally be that of the crisis, of the resignation of the Prime Minister if the grillini pulled the rope too much, amidst tricks and parliamentary maneuvers. And maybe they wanted to take revenge on the “Conticide” of a year ago, as the editor of the newspaper more sensitive to pentastellated moods and discontent still calls it.
“Thirteen months ago, to the applause of the comedians, the Count-2 was overthrown in full pandemic, writing the PNRR and vaccination campaign: all emergencies that competed with the government, unlike Ukraine, where Draghi has a little less than a ficus benjamin ”, Marco Travaglio wrote verbatim closing today’s editorial of the Fact, which frankly seems an incitement to the former Prime Minister to precede Draghi on the road to a break.
With much and I don’t know how much grace, Francesco Bei attributed Conte’s conduct on the front page of Repubblica to the “unresolved identity of the Cinquestelle”, divided between those who claim the crisis having never digested Draghi politically and humanly, who tried to do so. Conte and those who oppose her like Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who has now become in his government action, certainly not secondary in the midst of a war like the one in progress in Ukraine, a substantial stunt double for Draghi.
In reality – Francesco Merlo, who wrote about the “Quasic language of Conte”, as Grillo himself once underlined the vocation of the lawyer to the “penultimatum” – did not have any serious and always respectable crisis of “identity” of a movement that has grown too quickly and forced by reality to “too many sacrifices”, as those who have already abandoned it say, Conte and perhaps struggling with a completely personal crisis, disguised since 94 percent of the votes boasted in the digital confirmation of the presidency of the Movement on Sunday evening. Which means the opposite of what it seems, having been the only candidate and having participated in the digital voting operations less than half of the subscribers, to the point of reducing material consents from 62,000 to 55,000 votes. And that’s all Conte’s drama,

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