One of our main wishes when summer arrives is for our hair to look much lighter . But naturally, yes. Before trying home tricks of dubious scientific rigor (and worse hair consequences), it is preferable that you discover which are the best highlights to naturally lighten your hair this summer and show off your shiny hair .
You can study all the coloring techniques that are trending, do a little research on those new highlights that a friend told you about and you are not very clear about what they consist of (we also tell you everything about the illumination highlights, the coloring technique more natural and less harmful to lighten your hair), butnever resort to miraculous tricks not recommended by an expert hairdresser . Bet on doing a blunt cut haircut, learn how to make waves with a super easy tousled effect and discover which are the best highlights to naturally lighten your hair this summer and show off your shiny hair.
To make it easier for you to find your perfect highlights to lighten your hair this summer , we have spoken with expert hairdressers from Koupas, who have given us the keys to all the techniques you must master and what they consist of.

Golden brunette’ balayage highlights, perfect for lightening brown hair Balayage

highlights are still the favoritesof many women when it comes to betting on lightening their hair naturally, but, if we have to highlight a contrast that fascinates us , it is the golden brunette, that is, balayages in brown hair . After seeing the results, we understand why it is one of the most demanded coloring techniques in hairdressers and why it is top when it comes to lightening hair naturally in summer .
With a super natural result, golden brunette balayage highlights have less maintenance than traditional highlights , since the roots are not dyed and the hair suffers less because it is not dyed in its entirety and respects the base tone.
It is the perfect option if you want to go blonde, because this technique allows us to change the tone gradually and not very aggressively , the highlights are more blurred and you will not notice color lines.

‘Illuminage’, the most natural technique to lighten the hair

It is a technique that seeks to illuminate the hair naturally , as its name suggests. The effect it achieves is similar to that of the reflection of the sun on the hair , offering a lighter tone, but very natural. When opting for this coloring technique, we must bear in mind that the points of light in this procedure are located in strategic places of the hair itself and bleaching is not necessary .. Therefore, the mane looks healthy and free from damage.

The illuminage coloring technique creates imperceptible transitions with reflections that provide a very natural shine, in addition, they apply it through the capillary contouring technique, which consists of gradually lightening the lengths and ends for a very beautiful and natural reflection effect from the sun. like the effect of the sun on the hair in summer.

Highlights ‘color melting’, a fusion of colors that illuminates

The objective of this technique is to achieve supernatural highlights . This technique consists of a fusion of the colors of your natural hair and the color of the highlights, to achieve a natural root effect and not notice the change in tone. Ideal if you are going to start with highlights and want a natural effect without giving up lighting and an almost imperceptible color contrast, especially now that summer is here.
The color of your hair and the color of the highlights blend so smoothly that the gap between the two is barely noticeable . The hair is lightened from the root but very little by little, so that the effect is most natural .

Brazilian highlights, lighter hair with contrasts

These highlights are very similar to Californian highlights , but in this case what we are looking for is a more defined contrast between the roots and the ends. It is not as in the case of other techniques a progressive color, but what is intended is that very different colors are seen . Of course, the transition of shades must be harmonious , without visible cuts, so that the hair shows off these highlights correctly.

‘Shadow toning’ highlights, the mix between ‘balayages’ and ‘babylights’

This technique has been one of the most used in hairdressers since the beginning of spring, so everything indicates that it will to be one of the favorites when it comes to lightening hair naturally this summer . It is a mix between balayages and babylights, two types of highlights that have been applied in hairdressers for several years.
As its name indicates in English, shadow toning, it is an adjustment of shadows , a way to lighten the hair with a natural one. This coloring technique is ideal if you are looking for a natural change of look that illuminates your hair and gives it a lot of movement .

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