What we like most about Christmas , in addition to being able to spend time with family and friends, are the getaways we can take and the trips that we can finally treat ourselves to. Despite the fact that during the autumn we have made exciting trips, it is not until Christmas when we have more free time to enjoy all the benefits that traveling has for the mind. And for the body, because there is nothing better than a good getaway to recharge your pillar and come back like new. In that sense, Christmas seems like a perfect period of time to hit us with that getaway that we need so much and nothing better than the best spas in Spain to be able to do it.
But you have todistinguish between resorts and spas . In the spas there are thermal and mineral-medicinal waters with different properties and different treatments for certain diseases or discomforts. Among its properties are reducing stress, relieving back, rheumatic and muscular pain , combating anxiety and depression, improving respiratory and skin problems, activating blood circulation and cleansing toxins by regenerating the skin, among others.

The spas , whose name comes from the Latin salus per aquam, (the translation is quite obvious) almost always have normal heated water, and their treatments are usually relaxing or stimulating, but they do not cure , although they help the body. For this reason, Aladinia users have selectedthe best spas in Spain . In all cases, in addition to the spa services, accommodation, restaurants, gym possibilities and some special experiences are offered.

1. Hotel Balneario de la Virgen (Jaraba, Zaragoza)

It is located in the natural area of ​​the Canon and Hoces del rio Mes an hour and a half from Zaragoza, protected by high limestone walls, where numerous species of birds of prey nest and flanked by the river with crystal clear waters in a privileged environment to enjoy nature, outdoor sports and, of course, the mineral-medicinal thermal water from its many springs. Its origins can be traced back to the 2nd century BC and then they called their sources as water of the nymphs, attributing their healing powers to them.
They emerge at a temperature of between 30 and 34 degrees s, and a flow of approximately two million liters per day between the five springs located in the spa. Its open-air thermal lake and its romantic cave stand out. Among its attractions, its Aragonese home cooking and its proximity to the Monasterio de Piedra stand out .

2. La Hermida Spa Hotel (Cantabria)
Halfway between Santander, the Liebana valley and the peaks of the Picos de Europa with the Fuente De cable car, on the banks of the Deva river in a beautiful gorge is this spa, old and abandoned for a long time, but with a modern design and magnificent facilities . The Hermida spa is possibly one of the best in Spain , and its waters are considered one of the best in Europe for its mineral-medicinal properties.
The water of La Hermida springs spontaneously from three springs at 60°, with a flow of eight liters per second and are defined as highly mineralized hyperthermal sodium chloride waters. One of its steam zones is in direct contact with the spring that emerges between the stones. Magnificent place as a base for many excursions.

3. Vichy Catalan Spa Hotel (Caldes de Malavella, Girona)

The Vichy Catalan Spa Hotel is located in Caldes de Malavella , on the Costa Brava in Girona. Although in the northeast of Spain, it is set in a neo-Mudejar style building, with dozens of fountains and Arabic-influenced arches, which gives it the feeling of being somewhere in the Middle East.
Vichy Catalan is one of the most famous mineral waters in Spain to drink,so it is not surprising that this complex is one of the most popular spas in Spain. The thermal and balneotherapy center offers the best in relaxation, treatments, hydrotherapy services and wellness sessions , and includes facilities such as a Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath, gym, table tennis room, indoor and outdoor gardens, spa and pools.

4. Panticosa Spa (Panticosa, Huesca)

Just eight kilometers from the Panticosa ski resort is this spa, which is also a hotel complex with several buildings and up to three restaurants. The hot springs originate from the Tiberius spring and can be enjoyed in the thermal pool. Outside, it is possible to swim in a pool with an impressive view of the mountains over 3,000 meters high.
The Tiberio Hot Springs have been recently designed by Belen Moneo and Jeff Brock , creating a place with smooth and rounded shapes, designed to integrate with the surrounding nature , a space where light and water merge creating a relaxing atmosphere. and restorative. All the spaces in the Panticosa Spa are designed for relaxation and use of healing water, which is hyperthermal, emerging from the ground at a temperature of 53ºC.
They have analgesic properties and are very beneficial for the treatment of diseases.s osteo-articular rheumatology, such as osteoarthritis and arthritis, dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis, respiratory pathologies, such as asthma and COPD, and stress and anxiety, thanks to the presence of radon gas in its waters.

5. Hotel Balneario de Lanjaron (Lanjaron, Granada)

Located in the idyllic setting of the Sierra Nevada National Park , the resort has it all: breathtaking landscapes, magnificent mountain views, history, fantastic architecture and, of course, peace and quiet. . Relaxing in this spa is quite an experience due to its privileged enclave and location. Its thermal waters come from the purity of its six mineral-medicinal water springs in the natural park.
It has extensive facilities in which to enjoya pool with waterfall, swan neck and various jets , bubble bath, Finnish sauna, footbath and the Flotarium, a weightless pool, for total muscle relaxation, excellent thermal treatments and the location itself. To highlight its good restaurant that bases its menus on local and healthy products.

6. Hotel Termes de Montbrio (Montbrio del Camp, Tarragona)

A few years ago this natural hot springs resort was chosen as the Best Resort & Spa in Europe. Immersed in a magnificent 4-hectare botanical garden with centuries-old species , it is supplied by different springs that flow at temperatures between 41 and 81ºC.
Its waters are classified as hyperthermal, rich in ions, bicarbonate, sulfate, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, lithium and potassium, and are especially indicated for chronic rheumatic , dermatological and respiratory processes , as well as for anti-stress and slimming therapies.
The star of the spa is the Aquatonic, a unique thermal space of 1,000 m2 in which to immerse yourself, swim, or simply walk in the natural thermal waters , providing the body with all the therapeutic properties of the minerals in its waters. In addition, you can enjoy multiple thermo-leisure games: laminar waterfalls, rapid circular hydromassage jets, micro-bubbles, grottoes with Greco-Roman baths…

7. Hotel Blancafort Spa Termal (La Garriga, Barcelona)

This is a spa with a long history, since 1840 they have been extracting thermal water with therapeutic properties directly from the spring. Its facilities will help you achieve a unique state of well-being in a very quiet area.
The secret to achieve this lies in the composition of the thermal water, whose therapeutic properties have been known since the times of the Bronze Age.. The Blancafort Thermal Spa is a wellness center in which the most traditional knowledge and the most innovative therapies are fused with the mineral-medicinal properties of its waters, pursuing a single objective: to take care of the visitor, making him feel unique and helping him achieve well-being. integral.

8. Hotel Balneario Alhama de Aragon (Alhama de Aragon, Zaragoza)

The Hotel Balneario Alhama de Aragon is possibly one of the oldest in existence. From the old and emblematic Termas San Roque y Cantarero spa emerges this new and modern spa hotel designed for the comfort and well-being of its visitors.
The greatest of its charms is, without a doubt, the mineral wealththat offer its thermal waters in its multiple facilities. Some waters with properties that stand out for their healing qualities and that were already used by the Cid’s troops. To
whom are practiced, always under medical prescription, personalized purification, toning, relaxation and beauty treatments , with the application of mineral-medicinal thermal waters in showers and bathrooms. Its two springs from the 11th century, the Moro and the Mora, offer, respectively, a fine rain that falls constantly from the natural grotto that the water has formed for more than 900 years, and a restorative waterfall.

9. Archena Spa (Archena, Murcia)

It is located in the Ricote Valley, a beautiful natural area in Murcia. It is a modern-style complex with two huge thermal pools, one area with thermal circuits and another with swimming pools. It also offers spa treatments, although the wide range of its facilities is striking, among which a children’s area with slides stands out.
It is the ideal retreat to enjoy a good rest as a family or as a couple. Its restaurant is specialized in creative cuisine. It is very popular among those who suffer from skin or joint problems , or those who just want to improve their health. The spa area includes a series of pools located outside with water jets, waterfalls, Jacuzzis, a floatation pool, a counter-current pool, a pool of natural essences, an igloo and much more. There are also saunas, massage areas, hammocks,sunbathing areas and beauty treatments .

10. Termes Victoria Spa Hotel (Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona)

The origins of the Termes Victoria Spa Hotel, 25 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​date back to the 17th century. Over the years several architectural reforms have been made, but always preserving original elements such as the gallery of the 18th century thermal center, the floor tiles in the lounges and the stained glass windows in the dining room. A privileged location with views of the mountain that combines relaxation and tranquility with the convenience of strolling through the streets of the old town and enjoying the shops, bars and terraces.
The water emerges at a temperature of 74ºC, the highest in the Iberian Peninsula, although the most important of its waters are the minerals it contains, they are sodium chloride and fluoride. This type of water is appropriate for stress therapies, fracture recovery, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and arthritis.

11. Balneario de Mondariz (Mondariz, Pontevedra)

With more than 3,000m2 dedicated to relaxation and leisure through water , the Palacio del Agua is one of the star products of the Balneario de Mondariz, a large spa designed to enjoy both individually, as a couple, in a group or with children.
In each session you can enjoy the installation freely for a maximum time of 3 hours, going through its active pool with water beds., hydromassage benches, swan necks, countercurrents, vertical jets, geysers, hydromassages at different heights and its great waterfall in a sheet of water.
Outside the pool there are up to 6 saunas with different aromas and degrees of humidity , Jacuzzis, a footbath room and an outdoor hot water pool. One of its most original offers is the so-called Celtic Circuit, which leads you to discover and feel the thermal culture of 2,000 years ago.

12. Hotel Balneario El Raposo (Badajoz)

It is one of the few spas specialized in the application of natural mud, which comes from the course of the stream near the spa. Located in Puebla de Sancho Perez, very close to Zafra in the south of the province of Badajoz, it has magnificent outdoor gardenswith 30,000 m2 of abundant vegetation.

The waters of the El Raposo Spa are bicarbonated, calcic and magnesium . In the tour of the spa circuit, there are facilities such as the active heated pool with thermal circuit, aerosols for respiratory treatments, sprays, nasal showers, nebulizers, mineral-medicinal water and mud baths, steam stoves, hydromassage bathtubs , footbaths , hand pumps, pressure jets, parafangos, pressotherapy, infrared, jet columns, hydroponic cure, rest rooms and solariums. And as if that were not enough, it offers its magnificent Matanegra Restaurant, with Extremaduran specialties.

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