We have to admit it, we were looking forward to weddings coming back into our lives . There was a desire to look for the best guest look, to dazzle in the shop windows with the irresistible guest dresses and, why not, even to climb on some high heels. We wanted to see our friends dressed as a bride and us as perfect guests , that’s why we couldn’t be happier these days. Although the lack of practice is not making it a bit uphill to find the perfect guest look.
It is true that our favorite low cost firms make it easier for us every time and, in addition to launching super cheap proposals, they also offer us outstanding style optionsfor our guest looks. But, as we have been waiting for so long for weddings to return to mark us the look of the century, for such a special occasion we prefer other types of firms, especially if it is about Spanish guest dress firms .
Those who have a master’s degree in guest looks probably have super controlled Spanish guest dress firms with which to be the one with the most style at the wedding . But, as we advanced at the beginning, the lack of practice when looking for the guest look means that many of us are lost when it comes to guest dress firms.
To shed some light on this, we have selected some ofthe best Spanish firms of guest dresses to be the one with the most style of the wedding. Pay attention to the proposals and get ready to mark yourself the most ideal guest look and, also, made in Spain.

Lady Pipa’s guest dresses

From the firm they have it clear and their goal is “to create party clothes with which you look just like any other day but prettier, without feeling dressed up. We design all the collections from scratch, we work in the patterns so that they fit all kinds of women and we look for fabrics with drape and consistency”. An ideal proposal for a guest look.

Guest dresses by Barey Collection

Fashion branddedicated to all women in any of their facets . Inspired by a fighter, revolutionary, carefree, free, confident, happy woman, full of vitality and optimism. Mar, designer of the firm, reflects in each of her collections the most eternal Spanish fashion; femininity, elegance, personality and timelessness at the same time .

Cherubina guest dresses

It is a Sevillian brand founded by Ana, who has been dressing guests since 2003 through her timeless headdresses and her retro-inspired garments.. Thanks to the quality and professionalism of the brand, it has managed to position itself in a market that used to look for the traditional and what was socially considered appropriate, to give rise to a new way of dressing in events of various kinds. Cherubina has managed to create a new concept of guest through her carefully made headdresses and dresses.

Color Nude guest dresses

Color Nude is synonymous with quality and elegance. Since its inception it has demonstrated it and now it continues to do so, being one of the reference firms for the most stylish guests.. Her designs are designed for a current and sophisticated woman and without a doubt, they are pieces that overflow with personality and that we know will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the most stylish guests this year .

Mariquita Trasquila guest dresses

It is one of our favorite firms, either for our day-to-day looks or to look for that guest dress with which to go spectacular to a wedding. With a store in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Trebujena and Seville, Mariquita Trasquila has become the Holy Grail of guest looks and is already one of our favorite brands for the famous BBC and for streetwear.

Vogana guest dresses
Vogana is a Spanish fashion firm dedicated to the design of garments for women with personality and self-confidence . It was born from the hand of Carmen de la Puerta, Creative Director of the firm, who has been surrounded by threads and needles since she was little, experiencing the world of fashion and art very closely. The fundamental principle is quality and innovation and they are always inspired by vintage aesthetics , as well as lifestyles, trips and lived experiences, always without losing the Andalusian stamp .

Coosy guest dresses

Coosy was born in 2011, in Pontevedra, a town marked by the magic of the sea, the most chic trends and a great tradition in the textile industry and design.. The origin of Coosy is the dream of continuing the family tradition of his mother’s workshop store, a reference in the area for more than two decades, and adapting it to new technologies and to today’s women. Coosy mixes daring, elegant, sophisticated designs , all with a fun, cheerful, original and, above all, optimistic point. We are a recognizable brand for the design, the cuts, the ruffles and, above all, for the colors and prints .

Vanderwilde guest dresses

Founded by the sisters, Blanca and Angela, the Sevillian brand Vanderwilde combines the style of the Andalusian tradition with contemporary design. With these values ​​he creates a defined style and an elegance based on pure lines. The quality in fabrics and finishes mixed with its distinctive range of colors in each collection, make Vanderwilde a brand with its own stamp , always prioritizing distinction and elegance. Their collections emerge from the sisters’ own universe, drawing on their creativity and cultural heritage.

Bimani 13 guest dresses

At Bimani they respect the complexity of simplicity. They design quality basics that last over time and take care of every detail of the creative process. They bet on Spanish production and work hand in hand with trusted workshops to improve, day by day, the quality of our garments. They create aSimple, versatile, timeless and practical fashion , offering a wide variety of colors and sizes to reach all women.

Redondo Brand guest dresses

It is the preferred firm of influencers for big events and there are even actresses who have opted for them when parading down the red carpet of the Goya , that’s why this firm had to be yes or yes among the list of Spanish firms of guest dresses with which to be the one with the most style of the wedding.

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