Joint pain is an annoying problem that affects many individuals of the population regardless of gender or age. They occur through joint pains in the arms or legs and can have several causes:

  1. It may happen that those who practice sports in a competitive or semi-competitive manner exceed their activities, causing inflammation in the joints placed under stress. If those who practice sports and a person over forty, it must also be considered that the body responds differently to external stresses.
  1. With advancing age, the first joint pains due to the onset of arthritis also arrive. A problem that affects almost all individuals and that occurs gradually. Arthritis consists in the deterioration of the cartilaginous tissue of the joints, thus causing friction of nerve tissues and bone heads.
  1. Bad habits can also affect the health of our joints. Incorrect posture is one of the main causes, but not the only one: living a too sedentary life (as well as excessive physical activity) can lead to an unnatural deformation of the body’s tissues and therefore to joint and muscle pain, without consider problems related to poor blood circulation.

How to help the body against joint pain
It is essential to keep the body in motion, also through activities such as yoga, able to train the joints and keep them young. Nutrition is very important : you should not overdo it with foods rich in fatty acids, such as dairy products or red meats, or with tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and aubergines, all foods that contribute negatively to joint health . An important solution is offered by natural supplements based on some medicinal plants that positively contribute to joint health and to counteract pain.

Medicinal plants and natural substances that are good for the joints
There are plants that have soothing effects on the joints and natural extracts that help maintain healthy cartilage.

  1. Aloe Vera is a panacea, not only for the joints, but for the whole organism. Its soothing properties have a positive effect on joint and muscle pain, especially those related to the spine.

  2. The Devil’s Claw is a plant that owes its name to the hard and hooked petals, developed as a defense against animals. In phytotherapy it is used to promote joint function.

  1. Glucosamine is a substance present in the shells of crustaceans and molluscs (from which it is extracted) and is an essential component in the articular cartilage of the human body. It is essential for the good health of the cartilages and for the prevention of bone diseases.

  1. Manganese helps keep bones in good condition and facilitates the normal formation of connective tissues, as well as contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

A remedy you did not know
You can try massaging the affected area with natural products, such as olive oil or Argan oil, which are able to deeply hydrate the skin. Thanks to the presence of particular enzymes, these oils are able to attenuate inflammation and increase the pain threshold associated with it.

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