HBO Max is, without a doubt, one of the best streaming platforms available on the market. Subscribing is having access to the best current and classic content of movies and series that have marked the history of cinema and television. Also, compared to other types of platforms, the monthly and annual price of HBO Max is really low. It is a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the best content for just 8.99 euros per month.
If you want to subscribe or have already subscribed, you should take a look at the following series and moviesconsidered by many to be the best. These are series and movies that catch you from the first moment and you can’t stop watching them until you discover the end. In addition, you have to know what HBO Max has prepared for 2022.
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Game of Thrones spin off: The House of Dragons

Game of Thrones is a classic and it is not surprising that it becomes a cult series , and is that the success of it overcame any kind of barriers. If you haven’t seen it, we can ensure that it will catch you from the first moment and, if you have already seen it, we are sure that you will want to repeat it. When seeing it for the second or third time, many details are discovered that at first went unnoticed.
It is not surprising that they wanted to make a Spin Off of the acclaimed series and, therefore, “The House of Dragons” arrives, which will explain how 300 years ago before the events that are seen in Game of Thrones, it gets end to House Targaryen.


Considered one of the best series on the platform, this option develops a science fiction plot, but under a political thriller that is set in the 70s and is developed by one of the best actors in the industry, such as JK Simmons case.
In this case, the protagonist is a quiet office worker who has always worked transmitting encrypted messages, when he suddenly discovers that an encounter between two identical versions of Earth is about to take place. If you are one of those who follows this type of science fiction, you will simply love this series.


Another magnificent super production that captivates you from the first moment thanks to its spatial plot, the relativity of time, magnificent soundtrack and stellar performances. This movie is a classic that you should definitely see, especially if you are passionate about space issues, time travel, the end of the world and much more.

The Sopranos

Considered one of the best series in the history of television, tells the day-to-day story of a family of gangsters who live in New York and how they use violence on a daily basis. It has a plot that catches you from the first moment and, in addition, impressive performances. Not in vain is it one of the most awarded series of recent times and it is always a good time to start watching it.

Time Travel FAQ

If you want to enjoy a little lighter content, you should definitely watch this comedy movie that takes place in a typical English pub. It is a very funny, crazy movie and makes many nods to science fiction classics. A magnificent option to spend a couple of hours laughing non-stop.

Mad Men
This series set in the 60’s revolves around the executive Donald Draper, who is an extremely brilliant man but also self-destructive. In those years, his agency designed advertising better than anyone and, in fact, the motto was that it doesn’t matter what you do, but how you sell it. It is a spectacular series that you will surely want to see more than once.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This series is still in development, but has quickly positioned itself as one of the most popular on the streaming network . It is set in a dystopian future, where a fundamentalist dictatorship is launched. The regime has strict puritanical values, but behind it the most savage violations of human rights are hidden.

The Matrix is ​​a classic and you probably already know it, so if you want to enjoy these movies again, you can do it only on HBO Max . In addition, a new installment is coming soon, so it is advisable to refresh the main details of it a bit, before seeing the last movie of this exciting and futuristic saga.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is also considered one of the best sagas of all time and on HBO Max you can enjoy the complete trilogy, especially the Return of the King , the most awarded of all movies. Reliving this entire saga is a perfect plan for any Saturday or Sunday.

Starring Anthony Hopkins and created by Jonathan Nolan, this film has its plot in a dystopian future that begins to unfold in a fictional amusement park, where humans have fun with robots that also look like humans. These android hosts actually start to develop self-awareness and things get complicated. These series and movies are a small example of the quality content that you can find on HBO Max . Start this new year 2022 enjoying the best classic and new content that only HBO Max can provide.
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