After the state of alarm and immersed in a pandemic that, although controlled, seems not to have said its last word, large companies are beginning to rub their hands with measures like the last one, which are mandatory, in Andalusia: masks will be mandatory from this week.
At a forced march, the big companies begin to hypnotize the population with accessories that will make this sanitary instrument a true style when it comes to going out elegantly . Without going any further, Amazon has released a storage box for dust masks for pollution prevention. Masks are an essential instrument when it comes to fighting the virus, andIt should not be carried in any way since the spaces where they are used can be great sources of contagion.
These portable face mask storage bags are made of eco-friendly material , slim and lightweight design , easy to carry, helping you store disposable face masks at any time and put them directly in your pocket or backpack . In addition, it is dustproof, moisture-proof, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution. One of the negative aspects is that the box only has capacity for a disposable mask , with a size of 132mm x 132mm x 14mm. In short, you can go to the “sanitary” fashion by€3.20 .

Amazon Top Rated Mask Boxes

With a slim and lightweight design, this mask box is easy to carry, helping you store your disposable mask at any time and put them straight into your pocket or backpack. Dustproof and moisture-proof, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of the disposable face mask.
This hard plastic case to protect the masks is made of ecological material, with resistance to falling and flexibility. Easy to open and close. The hard shell will not break, which is convenient for storing masks or small medicines. You can store 3-5 masks for your diary.
*Price: €3.20
*,The price may vary
Cimoto offers a pack of three disposable mask storage boxes on Amazon. According to the manufacturer, each case can hold up to five disposable masks. Its size is somewhat larger than that of the rest of the products in its category.
The Ousyaah box can store 3-5 masks. It has a size of 19x11x1.2 cm. Its design makes it easy to open and comfortable to wear. Effectively isolates dust and dirt and keeps masks clean. It is made of high quality environmental protection material, smooth surface and no peculiar smell.
*Price: €12.99
*The price may vary

How to use the mask

More than three months of state of alarm, thousands of deaths and there are still people who do not use the mask , or theiruse is not appropriate . The World Health Organization reminds that the proper use of this sanitary instrument is fundamental, and gives some guidelines for it:

Wash your hands before touching the mask.
Check that the mask is not damaged , dirty or wet.

Fit the mask properly to the face, without possible openings.
Cover your mouth , nose and chin .
Avoid touching the mask at all times .
Wash your hands before removing the mask .
The mask should always be removed by the strips on the sides .
Once the mask is removed, it must be kept away from the face .
Store the mask in a clean plastic bag that is easy to close and open.
Once at home, wash it with hot water and soap , at least once a day.

Wash your hands after removing the mask.
All these guidelines must be compulsorily followed so that the use of the masks really has an effect. Finally, it is necessary to remember that irresponsible people who desist from its use must also do so with 100 euros out of their pocket.

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