The German supermarket company Lidl has decided to start incorporating the LED armchair into its Spanish market, which is already a bestseller in Germany.
The chain’s decision has been reinforced by the great popularity that the product has acquired. Thus, the Lidl brand led armchair consists of an armchair that has built-in lighting and is charged via micro-usb.
Its versatility is such that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, although it is true that outdoors is where it wins, since it is adapted for these circumstances with protection against splashing water.(IPP44). It thus becomes a part of the unique and original furniture, both for terraces and for interior rooms.

Available exclusively online.

Initially, the Lidl company has only opted to market its LED armchair through its own website. It is quite likely that if it reaches the same popularity in Spain as in the German country, it will also begin to export to physical supermarkets.
Through the Lidl website we can make the purchase of the Lidl armchair. It comes with a remote control in which we can choose between the 16 available colors as well as the power of the LED. If there is something that is most attractive to consumers, it is its price: 99.99 euros,with separate shipping costs.

Up to 8 hours of autonomy

The Lidl led armchair has a lighting life of 25,000 hours and the duration of the light with a charged battery ranges from 3.5 hours to 8 hours.Power consumption amounts to 0.2 W for the white LED and 0.18 W for the RGB LED.
It is an easily transportable armchair due to its light weight of 4 kg and its measurements: 58x58x46 cm. The LEDs are charged using a micro USB cable, included in the purchase, although without an adapter.
In this way, Lidl is once again ahead of its competitors in the supermarket sector through innovation. Increasingly,The German brand is gaining positions within the Spanish population given the versatility of its available offer, which ranges from the classic food products to sections such as clothing, small appliances or gadgets, where we can even find cell phones at 70 euros. Products that a priori were unthinkable to find in a supermarket and that Lidl is making more and more a reality.

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