Ice cream is probably the most consumed product in the summer season in all its flavors and formats. From the classic ice lollies to the most elaborate ones with cream, cream, caramel or chocolate, this product always triumphs among young and old.
Lidl continues to renew its ice cream section with the reference brand Gelatelli, incorporating two new products that are already a success in terms of sales and reviews. The products in question have the use in their elaboration of the Skyr recipe.Its name comes from the fresh Icelandic cheese Skyr and it has numerous nutritional characteristics that explain the great success of this new ice cream.

Fake high protein yogurt
Lidl is once again at the head of competitors and published with the new addition to its ice cream catalog. Under the name of Skyr Frozen, the German chain offers these pioneering yogurt ice creams that are available in both tub and stick formats. The range of products have prices ranging from 1.99 euros to 2.49 euros.
The Skyr Frozen polo format has two flavors for sale: cherry flavor or blueberry and elderberry flavor.If you are one of those who prefer to enjoy ice cream from the tub, this creamy ice cream is available in a pack of two glasses with blueberry and elderberry flavor or with natural yogurt flavor.
One of the main incentives for buying this product is thatIt has 0% fat and a low contribution of sugars, which makes it a highly recommended dessert, and with a high protein content. With a smooth and creamy texture, these products are a great alternative to classic ice creams, which are normally a great source of calories and sugar. In addition, this recipe known as ‘fake yogurt’ has a high probiotic and calcium content. In its tub format, the 200 grams of product have up to 20 grams of protein, which makes this type of product highly sought after by lovers of fitness and healthy life.
The Skyr recipe has been in the German company for more than five years, counting in its catalog, in addition to the aforementioned new ice creams, with skyr yogurts or spreadable cheese. In fact, one of the company’s biggest sales successes is Skyrella cheese , a cheese that has all the properties of mozzarella but is low in fat and a great source of protein. Not in vain, the Kantar consultancy and the Promarca association have already chosen this product as the most innovative of 2020, given its nutritional qualities and low caloric intake.

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