You may have already heard of the ” Ruin Pubs ” phenomenon: if not, no problem, now we will explain everything.
First of all, let’s frame the context: we are in Budapest , the capital of Hungary , a city that lived under the Soviet regime and where there is still an air of poverty and dilapidation , in addition to the wounds left by the assault during the Second World War.
In recent years, despite the demographic decline due to the flight of many inhabitants, Budapest is experiencing a tourist expansion , thanks above all to its splendid historical areas – such as the one in which theimpressive Buda Castle – and the famous spas .
One of the most recent phenomena in the history of Budapest is that of the ” Ruin Pubs “: let’s go and see what they are.

What are ruin pubs
The “Ruin Pubs” were born in recent times, about 10 years ago , when many abandoned buildings in Budapest were converted into low-profile clubs , furnished with discarded furniture and made distinct from each other by the hand of artists with a very varied creativity. Within a few years the Ruin Pubs have become one of the major attractions of Budapest : most of them are frequented by tourists, who are always extremely fascinated by these very special and one-of-a-kind places.

The best Ruin Pubs in Budapest
In Budapest there are many Ruin Pubs : not only the central area is full of them, but also the districts towards the outskirts . Let’s find out together the best Ruin Pubs in Budapest.

1 – Szimpla Kert
Photo by JoshuaCrawford. Szimpla Kert was one of the first ruin pubs to open in the 2000s, and today it represents a real point of reference for tourism from Ruin Pubs. It offers customers a large garden , the screening of films , art installations ,benches made from bathtubs , chairs all different from each other . On the ground floor you can smoke Narghile .

  • Address : 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14, Get directions
  • Contacts : tel. +36 1 352 4198 – Facebook page

2 – Anker’t
Photo of Elekes Andor. Located in the center of Budapest , this Ruin Pub is housed in a huge former factory . Characterized by a very minimal interior , it consists of large communicating courtyards : the first area houses a bar suitable for both drinking and socializing, while the other courtyards host special events. Excellent grilled dishes and fries , and the various dance floors are very popular with tourists .

  • Address : 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33, Get directions
  • Contacts : tel. +36 30 360 3389 – Facebook page

3 – Corvinteto
Photo by kismihok. Located in the middle of the meeting between the club area and the back urbanism of Budapest, the Corvinteto is located on the top floor of a large shopping center, on the rooftop terrace which attracts thousands of young people in the summer. The music is great and stays open late.

  • Indirizzo : Budapest 1085, Blaha Lujza ter 1-2. | corner of Somogyi Bela utca, Ottieni indicazioni
  • Contacts : tel. +36 20 474 083 – Facebook page

4 – Ellato Kert
Photo by Fred Romero. Ruin Pub very well known for its very populated garden, and for … tacos ! Yes, Ellato Kert offers authentic Mexican cuisine ideal to accompany live music , art exhibitions , table football and of course … an excellent beer .

  • Address : Budapest 1075, Kazinczy u. 48, Get Directions
  • Contacts : tel. +36 20 527 3018 – Facebook page

5 – Fogashaz
Photo by Nikinikiniki3. A very lively courtyard is one of the most popular spots of this Ruin Pub, a slightly wild cultural club considered one of the best ruined pubs in Budapest. Once a residential building, this pub has a beautiful painted atrium used as a dance hall , a cinema room , a games room and a theater . It offers bike and hookah rental . Open until 4 in the morning.

  • Address : Budapest 1073, Akacfa u. 51, Get Directions
  • Contacts : tel. +36 1 783 8820 – Facebook page
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