Come and discover the best resorts to get married in the Caribbean ! The Caribbean sea bathes groups of small and large uncontaminated islands, as if to wrap this fantastic earthly paradise in a candid embrace, the perfect destination for a beach wedding . Imagine yourself on the seashore sipping a drink in complete relaxation, lying under the shade of a palm tree, perhaps accompanied by cheerful Caribbean music… what are you waiting for, make a wish and close your eyes… the rhythm will drag you along.

When you arrive at Hermitage bay Antigua, you will have the feeling that time passes slower, especially if you relax in the lounge area where you can sip tea, read a good book and enjoy the view of the expansive and crystalline bay of the Caribbean Sea that stretches in front of your eyes. Hermitage Bay is one of the best resorts in the Caribbean to get married in Antigua , a tropical paradise offers future spouses uncontaminated scenery and flower gardens where they can celebrate their wedding… prepare the wreaths for the guests… and for you too !!!

is an enchanting resort built on the Caribbean island of Anguillaexclusive famous for the wide and crystalline beach of Maundays Bay, perfect for taking long romantic walks by the sea, “disturbed” only by the slight sound of the waves that will wet your feet. You can choose to dine in your room villas served by a courteous butler or stroll by the sea, where you will find a table decorated with flowers and candles, prepared especially for you. No wonder that Cap Juluca is considered one of the best places to get married in Anguilla and to organize weddings in the Caribbean … so what are you waiting for
As they say: “every left and lost”!

Cannel Bay is a hotel in the Caribbeanlocated on the island of St. John, a natural paradise in the lush National Park of the American Virgin Islands, a suitable destination for lovers of nature and privacy and an ideal destination for getting married on an island hidden in the most unspoiled nature. The hotel is accessible only by boat, therefore it remains an absolutely quiet, secluded and incredibly romantic place for a Caribbean wedding. The captivating breathtaking view of the Caribbean coast, is certainly an inviting setting to inspire the organization of special events, first of all your wedding. The refined craftsmanship of local products and the sophisticated creativity of the staff at your disposal will make your wedding a dream day… as they say life is one… let’s enjoy it!

Those who are looking for a romantic vacation in the Caribbean Sea cannot fail to visit Jumby Bay , another beautiful Caribbean resort located on the island of Antigua. This superior location will meet your highest expectations. You can choose whether to stay in a splendid villa on the beach or stay in a charming and luxurious apartment equipped with all comforts, including a private pool. For nature lovers you cannot miss an excursion on the Atlantic side of the island in the unspoiled Bay Beach nature reserve where you can admire specimens of endangered sea turtles … a perfect setting for getting married in the tropics !

Our imaginary journey could only end with the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort on the island of Aruba, a quiet and romantic hotel for those who want to get married in the Caribbean . The hotel spa offers guests top quality treatments with natural and local products, ideal for letting stress slip away and regaining physical and mental shape. The most dynamic guests will not be disappointed, because they can organize interesting jeep safaris to visit the delightful island of Aruba, go hiking and diving in the blue Caribbean sea … what can I say you are spoiled for choice!

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