People run for various reasons. Usually, people start running to get fit , others use running as a mental outlet, while some just run to enjoy the views. But exercise is much more enjoyable when you do it in a place that makes you feel energized. Whether you go for a run in the late afternoon along the promenade or you are one of those who get up early to take advantage of the first rays of the morning sun, a good atmosphere is the key. 

To keep your running routes from becoming monotonous, you have to be willing to explore new areas. And as important as the landscape, it is to wear the right shoes that help you add up all those kilometers. Recently released, the Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure is designed to explore new paths and easily transition from road to trail. This shoe comes with a reinforced toe and heel for durability and protection against water, and features recycled plastic mesh for optimal breathability, so you can tackle any type of terrain or weather. 

As the world opens up again, so do your options for getting out there and discovering new running routes. A small change in your routine may be what you need to reconnect with yourself and with your environment. The Midnight Runners global running team are experts at locating the best places to run around the planet, and here they’ve selected a few of their favorites for inspiration. In this way, while you sweat and give yourself momentum with each stride, you can also enjoy beautiful views.

If you are planning to travel soon or just want to shake up your routine a bit, these places will surely give you extra motivation for your next adventure.

Dani Konrad

Boston, Massachusetts

Favorite place to run: from Emerald Necklace to Arnold Arboretum.

Courtesy of Arnold Arboretum’s Emerald Necklace It gives me a feeling of being out of town without having to drive out of Boston. The Back Bay Fens, Riverway, Olmstead Park, Jamaica Pond, and the Arboretum flow together and offer both road and trail options along the entire route; there are even areas where you can take a detour for a more hiking-like experience. It’s an amazing way to enjoy Boston’s natural surroundings and changing foliage with each season. The level changes can be more challenging than most typical Boston routes, so it’s always a great workout. Finally, the hills of Bussey Hill and Peters Hill, with incredible views of the city, are a delight and offer the opportunity to take a break and be proud of your career.

Nilam Patel

New York City, New York

Favorite place to run: Central Park

Central Park is a runner’s paradise in New York City, and while it’s no secret, it’s still the perfect natural setting for an escape from the typical hustle and bustle of New York’s streets. The Bridle Path that surrounds the Reservoir reservoirit’s a stunning route for sunrise and sunset skyline views across the shimmering water, while the tree-lined North Woods trail makes me nostalgic for trail-running back in the days when I ran through Mt. No matter the time of year, you will always find the park full of runners, cyclists, tourists and locals enjoying the dose of magic that Central Park has to offer. It doesn’t surprise me that, when looking for a flat in New York and after more than ten years living in this city, being close to Central Park was an essential condition.

Brian Hsu

Los Angeles California

Favorite place to run: Palisades Park

Palisades Park is my favorite place to run as it offers stunning panoramic views of Santa Monica Bay just above sea level. This park runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean coastline, so it’s easy to split the route at any point and run near the water to enjoy the nice sea breeze. Also, I love being able to see different groups of people practicing fitness along the way. That motivates me! 

Michelle Welling

London, United Kingdom

Favorite place to run: Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal is a great route for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it connects many different areas of London, which makes the route varied and very enjoyable. When I run along the canal I enjoy some of London’s most beautiful green spaces in Little Venice and Regent’s Park, along with what seem like hidden city gems in Victoria Park and Limehouse Basin. It is advisable to extend or shorten the route depending on what your goal is for the day; also, it is flat, which for me is an advantage. In spring there are plenty of adorable ducklings and geese swimming around with their feathered families. In general, it is a beautiful place to go for a run, with all the advantages of urban running and with lots of vegetation to enjoy along the way. 

Gabo Hernandez

Toronto Canada

Favorite place to run: Toronto’s Waterfront 

The Toronto Harbor is one of my favorite areas of the city. It’s amazing to run around the water , taking in the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario on one side, and the magnificent sights of the city on the other. It is a very lively and energetic area, especially in summer, which tourists and locals alike love: it has many parks and green areas along the route, perfect for stopping to stretch or exercise.

Olivia Taylor

Berlin Germany

Favorite place to run: Humboldthain Park

Humboldthain seems like a hidden gem in Berlin; you feel as if you were transported to a fairytale forest but with more style. I love being surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery in the midst of Berlin’s vibrant Wedding district. While most of the city is pretty flat, here I can find little hills to run on, like the Flak tower lookout. On warm, sunny summer days, it’s not uncommon to find a makeshift DJ in one of the park’s many private corners, making for some tempting post-run activities. 

Tien Ho

Paris France

Favorite place to run: Sacré Cœur Basilica

The Basilica of the Sacré Cœur is located at the top of the Montmarte hill, in Paris. To reach the Basilica you have to climb 270 steps, from the top of which you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of Paris that include Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, the Opera, the Montparnasse Tower and the Pompidou Center, among other places. With hundreds of stairs, this route is quite a challenge for runners, although at the end, as a reward, you can enjoy a cold beer while watching a beautiful sunset and Paris at night. That’s why I like this place so much! 

Karla Goodman

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Favorite place to run: the coast of Barcelona

The coast of Barcelona has what I like the most in the world. It is not just about its sea and its beautiful blue sky or the “golden hour” between the palm trees and the breeze from the beach. It is a place where you can really appreciate the Barcelona lifestyle: people from all over the world enjoying life; a city full of diversity, energy, laughter and fun. And that is precisely what Midnight Runners is!

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