We are in the final stretch of summer and with it the end of the holidays. The routine is back and football is back. There are currently many options on the market to hire this service and enjoy the entire 2021-2022 season.
Within all the television offer to enjoy these games, the Organization of Consumers and Users which are the best, so that we can enjoy this sport without missing a single day

Contract options available

According to the analysis carried out by the OCU, contract a service for enjoying these games will not be exactly cheap.If you opt for the combined offer of Orange and DAZN for La Liga, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, the extra cost will be 568 euros. If Movistar and DAZN are chosen, this amounts to 628 euros. The news regarding the grid does not present great surprises compared to the 2020-2021 season.
What if it changed is the price of which it will mean us to contract any of the available offers. In the case of Movistar , the consumer will pay 6 euros more on a monthly basis, which translates into an expense of 72 euros per month. In the case of Orange , this increased expense per month is 5 euros, which means 60 euros more per year. DAZN is the only platform that, for the moment, maintains its prices
Movistar will continue to have all the exclusive rights to soccer matches in our country, with the Spanish 1st and 2nd division until 2022. In the case of the Champions League , the company will have exclusive rights until 2024.
One of the novelties Compared to previous seasons, the Champions League did not feature any open matches.On the contrary, it will be possible to enjoy some La Liga matches openly through the GolTV channel. The distribution for each day with respect to open matches will be one match from the Santander League and two from the Smart League.
The sports streaming platform, DAZN, will continue with the exclusive rights to the matches related tothe Copa del Rey , although some matches may be broadcast live on channels Cuatro and Telecinco.

Prices and packages available by

DAZN platform: the streaming platform will offer all the Copa del Rey matches in their entirety. It has a price of 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros annually.

Orange: with the Love Total package, priced at 95 euros per month , we can enjoy all the football exclusively, as well as cinemas, series, unlimited mobile lines and 500 Mb fiber. The weak point is that a minimum stay is needed of a year

Movistar:the company has several options to enjoy all the football. The first corresponds to the Fusion Seleccion Plus with Soccer option at a price of 120 euros that includes all soccer, except the Copa del Rey, together with more than 80 channels, series, 1 Gb of Fiber, a mobile line with unlimited data and a mobile line with 5 GB. The other option available is to choose between the Spanish League or the Champions League at a more affordable price of 95 euros.Of course, the fiber speed drops to 300 Mb.
Both the Orange and Movistar companies include great promotions in their ratesso that when hiring we save money. In the case of Movistar, the rates remain at a 50% discount for the first 3 months. For its part, Orange proposes a saving of 25 euros on all plans that include football during the first 6 months.

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