A jewel symbolizes a really important feeling or emotion and for this reason it is desirable to take care of it in the best possible way. A diamond or a precious stone in general, in fact, are the memory of an unforgettable event and occupy a special place in the place of those who receive them. However , preserving and preserving a jewel is not as easy as you can imagine: diamonds, gold of various kinds and precious stones require particular attention, as they are exposed to various factors that can threaten their beauty. In this regard, it is really important to treat a jewel with the utmost attention and care, not only to preserve its splendor, but also to always remember with a smile the episode or the person it symbolizes.
First, take care of your jewelry – take the time to clean it properly at least once a month . Even the costume jewelery, although made of less valuable material, tends to get dirty and blacken just like those made of precious stones. Generally, costume jewelery tends to oxidize, lose its original color and for this reason it is necessary to clean it properly. You may be wondering how to clean your precious engagement ring or your favorite pair of earrings based on the material they are made of and you are absolutely right, but now we will reveal some little secrets to keep your beloved jewelry beautiful and gorgeous.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of jewelry: useful tips
  • How to clean costume jewelry: the best remedies and products

Cleaning and maintenance of jewels: useful tips
Buying jewels is not enough, it is essential to take care of them to keep all their splendor over time. If you are a jewelry lover, you definitely enjoy wearing them, but you also know how
to treat them First, take your jewelry to the jeweler for a routine checkup. That’s right, you read that right: control, just like machines. Professional cleaning , in fact, is essential to preserve the shine of rings, necklaces and earrings; a check may detect damage of various kinds or prongs which, if not correctly positioned, could cause the loss of precious stones.
Remember, beyond the classic routine check at your trusted jewelry store, it is important to clean the jewelry constantly and regularly with a microfiber cloth and detergent to remove small incrustations. Obviously, it is good to clean and take care of the jewels with suitable products and ask your jeweler for advice to avoid irreparable errors. For example, if denatured alcohol is perfect for cleaning precious stones, it is so damaging to “softer” ones like pearls and emeralds. Few people know that for silver it is absolutely not recommended to use toothpaste, as it would cause scratches not just; lemon juice, on the other hand, does not help in cleaning porous stones. For added security, please contact your trusted seller.
Also, remember to remove your favorite piece of jewelry when taking a shower or a dip in the pool – the first time nothing may happen but, in the long run, the hardness of the water will ruin all its glow. Make-up, as we know, is one of the best friends of women, but a little less when it comes to jewelry. Over time, in fact, perfume and lacquer can damage our favorite jewels: always take care to clean them after wearing them and put them in their case to let them breathe. Avoid using plastic or fabric bags, even jewelry needs its space.
Finally, avoid using salt: it is a substance that is too aggressive and, in the long run, could scratch and damage the surface of the jewel. The scratches and marks created by the salt are almost impossible to remove. Pay close attention! How to clean jewelry: the best remedies and products
Your favorite jewelry bracelet has oxidized and you have no idea how to make it shine again
No problem! Continue reading our mini guide and in no time you will be able to get it back as good as new. Unfortunately, all that is costume jewelery tends to oxidize and blacken, taking on an old and worn look: the first step to do is to dust your jewelery, in a preventive manner, using a brush to remove the first layer of dust. If this persists, it is good to wet the tip of the brush with a little water for a deeper cleaning.
Nowadays, costume jewelery is made with very varied materials and it is important to try to understand what they are in order to properly clean your jewelery: we recommend that you ask the selleras much information as possible. The treatments that we recommend in this article are generally effective, but they are not suitable for all types of jewelry and it is therefore advisable to inquire about the materials of which it is made. Marseille soap
Here it is: Grandma’s old and beloved Marseille soap. A perfect ally to remove dirt from your yellowed jewelery. We recommend that you have a bowl of warm water and add a dose of soap: let the object soak for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly thoroughly . Alternatively, wet a cloth with the solution proposed by us and clean the object; then, use another tea towel to remove the soap residue.
If you have toTo clean some faux pearls , you can use mild shampoo or soap, as it may be easy to chip due to the delicate material they are made of (it is possible to chip the paint or cause small cracks!). You’re wondering how to dry them
very well. Get a woolen cloth or classic cloth to clean your glasses and gently remove excess water. Bicarbonate Sodium bicarbonate
tooand very useful for cleaning stained jewelry: to get the original shine of your jewel, dissolve a spoonful of product in a basin of warm water and let the object soak for about 5/6 minutes. After that, you can see how the stains and dirt will be gone! In this way, your bijoux will be as good as new! Try this method now with your favorite earrings. Vinegar and lemon White vinegar and lemon , what a winning combination! Here is the solution to all your problems: shiny jewels in a few simple steps. The first step is to moisten a microfiber cloth with a little warm water and vinegar: you know, this ingredient is able to give extreme shine in a few moments.
Undiluted vinegar, then, is ideal for removing resistant rust stains, but we recommend passing it quickly and without dwelling too much on the object so as not to create any damage. Warning: avoid using lemon juice on hard stones. Tomato juice
The fact that tomato juice is the perfect ally to make jewels shine with set stones, is really very curious and funny. The tomato pulp, in fact, can be repeatedly passed on jewels with glued stones. As always, then rinse with warm water and dry with a microfibre cloth. Transparent nail polish
You can prevent your jewelry from getting damaged and dark by using clear nail polish. That’s right, you read that right: nail polish which, once dry, will act as a protective film. In any case, try to be very careful, as the layer you are going to apply must be completely homogeneous and create a thin and delicate patina . Try to cover even the smallest spaces, avoiding to form annoying and unsightly ripples.
The most heartfelt advice we feel we can give you is just not to wait for your jewelery to be too damaged, oxidized or yellowed to be able to clean it. As you well know, prevention is better than cure: even fancy jewels and the most diverse materials can get damaged and lose all their brilliance. So learn to take care of it by following all the precautions of our guide, in order to avoid oxidation and deterioration.
Carry out proper maintenance and your jewelry will always be as good as new!

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