Christmas is the time of year when the house is dressed up and decorated to express the magic of this holiday to be enjoyed with the whole family. Tree, lights, candles but also Christmas tablecloths and centerpieces help us to welcome guests in the best possible way but also to spend festive lunches and dinners with joy.The Christmas centerpieces are real works of art, the undisputed protagonists of meals in company.
Instead of the classic garlands or traditional decorations, however, you can also choose Christmas design centerpieces , decidedly more modern and refined, ideal for a contemporary decor.

  • How to choose the Christmas centerpieces
  • Christmas centerpieces with a modern design: some inspirations
  • Christmas centerpiece with wood: many refined ideas
  • How to make a Christmas centerpiece

How to choose the Christmas table centerpieces
The ideas for refined and design Christmas table centerpieces , whether or not they are handmade, are really many and very different from each other, the important thing is to choose the right decoration taking into account:

  • due to the size of the table , the centerpiece should not be bulky or disturb the diners;
  • the style of the tablecloth, plates and the rest of the table and, if any, place cards
  • of home furnishings and other Christmas decorations.

In general, it is good to keep in mind that the centerpiece must be a pleasant decoration, which accompanies the meal and makes it more pleasant, without getting too noticed but still being discreetly the protagonist. Christmas centerpieces with a modern design: some inspirations
The Christmas design centerpieces are mostly minimal but of great impact.
If you do not want to weigh down the table but, at the same time, want to make it decidedly bright, you can certainly use a centerpiece with Christmas candles with thin metal stems , combined with delicate pine branches to be positioned in a corolla or to be placed in scattered order on the table.
Always as a Christmas centerpiece with candlesworked and decorated crystal glasses can be used , perhaps vintage or from a family collection, inside which to place well-fixed stem candles.
Glass is an excellent material for modern Christmas centerpieces : delicate boules inside which to place decorative sand and small Christmas balls with soft colors or more lively, as per tradition, are an excellent solution to liven up the table.
Alternatively, even small pine cones can be used to fill the glass container.
Also in crystal or glass, small stemmed vases with red and white flowers are Christmas centersrefined and delicate, which do not clutter the table, but certainly make it pleasant and well decorated.
Those who love simplicity will not be able to give up a beautiful plate in crystal or ceramic, with golden or silver shades, which, decorated with flowers or a simple string of copper lights, turns into an elegant Christmas centerpiece.
In a truly minimal style, a string of refined lights that intertwine with beautiful fresh flowers , such as poinsettias, are a simple idea that will give a touch of true elegance to the table. Christmas centerpiece with wood: many refined ideas
The Christmas centerpiecesmore classics are made of wood, but this material can also be used for modern and design decorations. A round wooden base can turn into a centerpiece with Christmas candles.
Alternatively, a beautiful Christmas centerpiece with wood and formed by a minimal, rectangular base, on which to place delicate interweaving of branches and refined decorations.
If we are looking for a Christmas centerpiece with “unstructured” wood, perhaps because we have a narrow table that we do not want to give up decorating, we can use stylized trees on which to place, perhaps, some lights.
Another solution in this style are the design Christmas centerpieces with stylized figures, made of wood, of typical Christmas characters.
Even the classic log, properly treated, can be transformed into a refined and elegant centerpiece with Christmas candles. On the other hand, the centerpiece with wood in the shape of a bare tree, which recalls the winter atmosphere, is of purely Nordic inspiration, enriched by warm lights. If you prefer a “richer” style, the tree can be decorated with Christmas balls in palette with the rest of the table. How to make a Christmas table centerpiece
To create a do-it-yourself Christmas table centerpiece, take a cue from those that catch our attention wandering around markets and shops and add a very personal touch.
If, then, you can recycle recycled materials by integrating them, perhaps, with natural elements, you get a surprise effect that will leave guests speechless. In fact, just by taking a walk in the woods, you can find several ideas on how to make a hand-made Christmas table centerpiece with a sure impact. For example, a nice wooden bowl, perhaps sprinkled with a little gold glitter, filled with pine cones, also slightly gilded, and finished with a thread of copper lights is enough and the Christmas atmosphere is served.
Alternatively, the pine cones can always be transformed into small trees , always decorated with gold or silver, and intertwined with warm lights, to be grouped in the center of the table, perhaps on a wooden base too.
Recovered glass jars , on the other hand, can be painted with the typical colors of Christmas and tied together with colored twine or ribbons and decorated with berry sprigs to turn into a pleasant DIY Christmas table centerpiece .
Always inside a beautiful suitably decorated jar or a glass boule, a small branch can be placed, collected, clean, treated with snow effect paint and intertwined with lights.

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