The bachelorette party is a really important occasion and it is mandatory to celebrate it to the best of your ability. But let’s start from the beginning: what exactly is a bachelorette party and why it is celebrated
This derives from the bachelor party, traditionally celebrated by men and organized by the best friends of the groom, on the last day before the wedding. And it was thanks to the sexual revolution, which took place in the 60s, that this opportunity was also chosen for women. Find out how to organize the perfect bachelorette party: if you have many ideas, but confused, you are just reading the right article, we are about to propose you a lot of crazy locations where you can organize a screaming bachelorette party.

  • Bachelorette party: who organizes it and what to do
  • Bachelorette party: how to take the first steps
  • Bachelorette party at Lake Garda
  • Bachelorette party on Lake Como
  • Bachelorette party in the mountains
  • Bachelorette party by the sea

Bachelorette party: who organizes it and what to do The organization of the bachelorette party has become a real fashion, a race for those who have better ideas on where to celebrate it, but above all how to celebrate it: jokes on the bride, music, laughter and good fun are the keywords of this unique occasion. Usually the person in charge of managing the event is the best man, but also friends or sisters and, in this specific case, it’s you! It will be your job to organize everything in the best possible way and make this day truly unforgettable for the future bride.
You will certainly have to take care of drawing up a guest list, choose the place to celebrate, the day, the time. In short, you will have to think of everything! Invite the bride’s closest friends, perhaps even her sister-in-law, but avoid superficial and unwelcome acquaintances. In these cases, knowing how to create a serene and relaxed atmosphere for the bride is really essential.
For an event of this type, it is very important to indulge the tastes of the future bride: think about his hobbies and passions to choose the most suitable environment for the celebrations. If you know her well, you will certainly not run into any problems with this. For a fun but unforgettable bachelorette party, it is good to avoid falling into the banal or a party without a shred of personality. Everything must reflect the bride’s character and attitude. If she is comfortable with her, the event will be a guaranteed success!
Whether you are the sister, the cousin, the best friend of the bride, you will have to devote all the attention necessary to the organization of a hilarious bachelorette party: remember, getting many people to agree is not easy at all. Each of these will try to propose their own idea, according to their tastes; we advise you to take everything into consideration, of course, but the priority will always and only be to please the bride. Bachelorette party: how to take the first steps
Organizing a fun bachelorette party, which everyone agrees, but which is above all an opportunity for recreation for the bride , is not so simple if you are not ready to follow a series of essential precautions.
Therefore, the first rule to follow and never to forget, is precisely to adapt the party to the personality of the future bride.: an event of this kind must be celebrated as much as possible, a mix of laughter and fun to cheer up the bride for the big day. Based on her experiences and her hobbies, don’t take her out for a picnic if she’s not a sports fan, or even a spa if she’s a girl who loves being on the go forever. In addition, she tries to understand who will be sent to the wedding to avoid unpleasant situations during the bachelorette party: force yourself to make a strong selection and choose friends from the close circle. How many people to inviteWe tend to talk about 6-7 people, but the decision will be yours alone. Finally, choose an ideal date for everyone, but above all for the bride who, the weeks before the big day, will certainly be going through excited and busy moments. Avoid weekends and crowded areas.
No less important is the cost of the bachelorette partyand the activities you have chosen to propose: everything will be shared between the guests, but it must still be well calibrated on the various availabilities. This, of course, varies both on the basis of the location and on what you want to do, but in principle it is estimated about 300/400 euros each, to which the share of the future bride is added. By virtue of this, we advise you to consider more variations to celebrate this important occasion. The more chance you have to spend, the more the bachelorette party will be a crazy party.
And finally: what to do to celebrate the bachelorette party
It is undoubtedly the most popular question, the topic of discussion that “drags on” for months and months before reaching a real conclusion. Today we are no longer talking about a simple, but fun alcoholic evening with friends: creating a fun, pleasant and unforgettable context becomes the absolute priority. And to do all this, we are here! Bachelorette party at Lake Garda
Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Italy, as well as a destination for many tourists looking for relaxation and nature, but also for fun for the youngest. Indeed, Lake Garda is the ideal place to celebrate a hen party on a boat.
Your friend and bride-to-be loves adventure and nature
Then you can’t help but organize a splendid bachelorette party on a boat full of bubbles, perfect views, music and lots of fun for a great celebration. You know, Lake Garda is the perfect place for a proper bachelorette party, with entertainment, dancing and music and, who knows, maybe even a well-sculpted stripman. Or, how about a charming dancer with Latin features.
The evening must be fun and engaging for the bride-to-be.
For guaranteed success, entrust yourself to the best agencies for organizing parties and events: they will certainly be able to help you organize a bachelorette party on a boat according to the bride’s tastes. Find out about the price of the boat rental, but also on catering, DJ sets, entertainers. Never forget that this must be an unforgettable moment for the bride. Bachelorette party on Lake Como
Lake Como is also an ideal location for organizing a bachelorette party on a boat: an exciting, surprise, but at the same time intimate event.
Usually, there are various services that are offered for these occasions and range from an aperitif on board accompanied by finger food, up to a dinner served on request. There is absolutely no lack of music, a magician, a striptease with a lot of animation. For an evening to remember for a lifetime.
On this unique and special night, everything is lawful; a hot atmosphere is expected, full of dances in company, magic shows and special effects. It gets late, right up until dawn and it is essential to organize everything in detail and on time. It will not be easy to juggle an evening of this type, but all together you will be able to find the best solution.
On Lake Como, we are fully certain that you will find everything you need to organize the party: there are many boats available, all with professional drivers, to choose from. We advise you to lean on who is in the trade so as not to combine a fiasco. Hen party in the mountains The hen party in the mountainsit is not a choice of too many people, but it is still original and unconventional. For example, you, your friends and your bride, could dedicate the day to long walks in the middle of nature, but also to an exciting bike ride in the woods. Everything is feasible if the bride is a person who loves adventure, being in contact with nature, but above all a sportswoman from birth. And maybe end the day with a nice aperitif in the chalet.
Val di Fassa is one of the most popular places to celebrate the bachelorette party in the mountains: in winter, for example, you could take advantage of the active ski facilities or take advantage of the possibility of renting an assisted pedal bike to better overcome the climbs more difficult. Also in Val di Fassa, you can relax at QCTerme Dolomiti: a magical place to recharge your body and mind and, why not, take crazy souvenir photos. In Trentino you will discover a magical atmosphere!
You can also consider staying overnight in a refuge to have a group experience with other hikers, exchange a few cheers and embark on adventurous excursions. The bride will be more than happy! Bachelorette party at the sea
Why not celebratethe bachelorette party at the sea
It is a super idea, now very common among lovers of relaxation. You might think about devising a personalized path, tailor-made for the bride, with some tests to overcome: take her along the Via dell’Amore in Liguria and force her to sell some items to passers-by in order to earn a cold drink at the end. Liguria is full of villages and enchanting places: not just the beach and the sea, but also walks and bicycle rides in the midst of nature.
If, on the other hand, “your” bride prefers healthy fun and nothingness, you can definitely opt for a weekend in Emilia-Romagna: music, parties, aperitifs and dances surround the most famous entertainment destinations. Milano Marittima, Riccione and Rimini will surely know how to give free rein to fun and imagination.
She organizes a beach volleyball match with “special” rules: the points scored by the bride are worth double and the team she plays for always beats first. In doing so, the bride will turn to always keep the balance of the two teams.
After a day spent under the hot rays of the sun, it will be time for a relaxing aperitif with DJ sets in the background at the most famous Romagna kiosks and fun games designed for the bride.

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