Are you a movie lover
Or do you prefer to stay on the sofa watching your favorite TV series
In both cases, if you have a keen eye for design, you will agree that many times a scene is made unforgettable precisely by the furniture rather than from everything else. How many generations have daydreamed about the Gone with the Wind canopy bed
! But how do you set up a real movie furniture even in your own home and relive a little of the magic of cinema. It is
certainly simpler than you can imagine. Just have a good spirit of observation and know some useful stratagem to find real gemsthat allow you to recreate the atmosphere of the most popular films and TV series even at home. It must be said that, in general, furnishing your home taking a cue from films and TV series is not exactly cheap, but looking with a particularly careful eye you can also find excellent opportunities. Furniture and films: the great classics
In the cinema – but also in TV series – it is known that there are timeless classics and , in terms of film furniture , they bring with them details of furniture and furnishings which, in some cases, really become iconic .
For example, who does not remember the yellow frame hanging on the door of Friends to frame the peephole
Curiosity has it that, originally, it was a mirror that broke and was then creatively reused on the set. In any case, you can buy exactly the same one for around € 45 on Amazon: very little for a piece of furniture that belongs to a cult show for the generations of the Eighties and Nineties.
Another detail that will immediately consecrate you to great lovers and connoisseurs of famous and unforgettable series and will make your house look like a real movie house and the double helix DNA model that appears in Sheldon Cooper’s beautiful living room in The Big Bang Theory. An interesting purchase for those who follow or have followed with enthusiasm the stories of one of the most famous nerds in the history of television entertainment.
Moving on to design lampswe certainly cannot forget the arched floor lamp by Flos, designed by the Italians Achille and Pier Giaconomo Castiglioni for Flos which makes a fine show in Mad Man, Iron Man and Man in Black.
A true iconic armchair
The one with which Kubrick furnished the space station of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The red armchair on which Dr Floyd sits while talking to Russian scientists and Oliver Mourgue’s Djinn Chair: you can choose it too for the bedroom or to furnish a corner of the living room, it will be yours for about two thousand euros. Iconic is also the Platner Arm Chair by Zoolander , as unforgettable as the Ovalia Egg Chair by Man in Black.
And what about the famous Tulip Dining Table which, as the name implies, recalls the shape of the flower and was designed by architect Eero Saarinen for Knoll in the
1950s . film sets , from Iron Man 2, where he appears in Tony Stark’s luxurious villa, in Interstellar, where we see him in the station that orbits Saturn, up to Mad Man where the smaller version of the coffee table appears.
Whether they are armchairs, chairs, tables, lamps or other design objects, the famous movie houses always offer us excellent ideas for furnishing our homes. Some inspirations for a film house
Beyond theindividual pieces of furniture from films , what fascinates us about film sets are above all the atmospheres . The famous houses of the films, in fact, seem to perfectly reflect the atmosphere that reigns on the set and the message that the directors want to convey.
Let’s think, for example, of La Grande Bellezza: in addition to the splendid Roman views, the film also opens our view to splendid movie houses with very large spaces inside historic noble palaces.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a more contemporary film furniture , why not take a cue from the timeless home of the James Bond saga films
A minimalist and mid-century style dominated by concrete, embellished with an iconic armchair such as the Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, all softened by handcrafted details and accessories such as vases, baskets and cushions. In short, you can really create a movie house by following a few simple tips and relying on your personal taste, to create a unique and surprising mix.

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