How many weddings do you have or have you had this fall
n’t worry, you’re not alone. We also have several weekends marked in red on our calendars and we also don’t know what we are going to wear to all those weddings that we still have ahead of us this fall. Finding guest dresses becomes an impossible mission this season in which marriage bonds accumulate and our pockets begin to suffer. It is true that there are many Spanish firms in which to find the best guest look, but there are times when we do not know where to start.
Luckily, our celebrities have already faced this problem before us and now they become ourstyle muses for all our fall weddings . The last one to be added to the list of best dressed guests for this autumn 2021 has been Sassa de Osma , who with a spectacular fuchsia pink dress combined with green has won first place in style. Although it is not the only one that serves as a source of inspiration.

Ines Domecq (always her), Eugenia Osborne, Amaia Salamanca , Paula Echevarria… They are some of the best dressed guests of this fall 2021 and the ones you will be inspired by in all your boots. We already have the look with which we will shine at that special wedding that we have this fall.

Sassa de Osma’s autumn guest look
Of all the guest looks that we have seen this fall, probably Sassa de Osma’s at the wedding of Philippos from Greece and Denmark and Nina Flohr is the most beautiful and spectacular. It is a fuchsia pink pleated dress with long sleeves and a blouse signed by Andrew GN that Sassa de Osma combines wonderfully with an embroidered collar and green accessories. A guest look of contrasts, an outstanding proposal.

Paula Echevarria’s fall guest look Mixed

feelings with the fall guest look that Paula Echevarria has surprised us with these days. The actress has opted for a dress in red wine from the firm Miohin jacquard fabric with high cuffs, jewel buttons, ruffled skirt and side ties. The influencer finishes off the guest look with a Cherubina headdress and white court shoes, a highly acclaimed bet, but one that doesn’t quite convince us. The look is 10, although we would have opted for some shoes in another tonality .

Eugenia Osborne’s fall guest look

That Claudia Osborne’s wedding is the best showcase to inspire us for our guest looks is a reality that no one can dispute. One of the best looks we could see is that of Eugenia Osbone, the bride’s sister. The young woman bet on a dress from the AW21 guest collection The IQ Collection, made of navy and white neoprene, and midi skirt. The very wide V neckline and the huge polka dots give the design a special touch that makes us confirm that it is one of the best guest looks of the fall . In addition, the simple combination that Eugenia Osborne makes enhances the styling even more.

Lourdes Montes’ guest look

It was one of the first guest looks that inspired us earlier this fall. It is a dress by Silvia Tcherassi with which Lourdes Montes sneaks in among the best-dressed guestsof this autumn. With long bubble sleeves, a V-shaped neckline and a black belt, the dress that Lourdes Montes wore at the wedding of Rocio Gil Oset and Philip Perez-Cirera is perfect for the most classic guests. The herringbone print midi suit in black and white tones is made of silk and has a ruffle at the hem, a detail that gives it uniqueness and volume. She combines it with some black pumps and a mini cap, also in black (just like the bag). We would play with the color red to give a more groundbreaking touch to the guest look .

Ines Domecq’s guest look
Another example of a guest look taken from Claudia Osborne’s wedding. This spectacular dress from the guest collection of AW21 The IQ Collection, made of satin with inverted polka dots in beige and black , was chosen by Ines Domecq who, as always, marked a super guest look betting on great classics. Polka dots and simplicity are the key to Ines Domecq’s fall guest look that we all want to copy .

Alejandra Dominguez’s autumn guest look Alejandra Dominguez

‘s outfits never go unnoticed. Her personality and super marked and extravagant style are the best hallmark for her looks. On this occasion (again Claudia Osborne’s wedding), the youngShe trusts the designer Antonio Garcia (a classic for her) and opts for a set with a bias-shaped top in khaki green silk crepe and an flared skirt in natural moss green mikado, with front buttons and an asymmetric hem. What we like the most are the sandals in bougainvillea tones and the hat with which they are combined. The mittens are a plus of extravagance only suitable for the most daring.

Ines Domecq’s fall guest look Ines Domecq

again, this time as an outstanding guest at the wedding of Lucia Martinez Alcalde and Diego Benjumea with this combination of chocolate brown skirt, XXL blouse and belt to highlight her waist. Despite being a look only available for the most daring, it hasall the keys to stand out at the celebration while remaining a most elegant guest.

Amaia Salamanca’s fall guest look

The actress dared with an orange blouse with puffed sleeves , mixing two of this fall’s favorite trends, with a red pencil skirt . The combination of colors gives rise to a super fun and elegant look, it will also highlight the tan that we have been able to take in summer. To finish off the outfit, Amaia opted for a headband, long earrings, a printed bag and high heels in the same color as the blouse.

The fall guest look of Maria Fernandez- Rubies
The influencer Maria Fernandez-Rubies attended a wedding this September wearing a pink dress with very original details ; marked rectangular shoulders and ruffled waist. She chose to give full prominence to this dress, as discreet as it is special , combining it with basic accessories in black.

Aretha Fuste’s fall guest look

It’s on everyone’s lips that green is one of the most trending colors this fall , the influencer Aretha Fuste opted for a two-piece set in emerald greento become the most special and elegant guest of the link. Despite being a guest look that we love, unfortunately, we have very few days left in which the temperatures will allow us to bet on it.

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