Pets bring life to a home and a family. Making the decision to have a pet is a great commitment and one must know what having it in our lives will mean : veterinary expenses, food, hygiene and, if it is a dog, taking it out between two and three times a day. day for you to do your needs and physical exercise.
If your children want to have a puppy in their lives, it is essential to understand that this commitment and responsibility will last for many years and will be a member of the family . When adopting a dog we will have to take into account different aspects such as the type of life that the family leads, the space we have at home, the age of the animal, etc.
We are sure thatAny dog ​​you bring home (regardless of the breed) will be a good company for everyone, but it is true that there are breeds of dogs that, due to their physical characteristics or personality, will be more suitable for children.
For this reason today, from Mascotissimas, we want to show you a list of dogs that could be ideal for children.

Best dog breeds for children

-Labrador: This breed is one of the favorites by the Spanish ( here we leave you the list of the most popular breeds ) and the reason is obvious. They are very intelligent, calm, delicate, sociable and protective dogs .. They adapt to any situation and their good character makes them one of the best breeds for children.

-German, Hungarian and Weimar Shorthaired Pointer: These three breeds are related to each other but differ in several aspects. The German Shorthaired Pointer is brown or mottled, the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer is golden in color, and the Weimaraner is gray. These dogs are very intelligent, protective and sociable, but they also need a lot of physical activity.They are not dogs to be locked up in a house, so if you are an active family, who likes to play sports and enjoy outdoor activities, this dog is the ideal one for those adventures.

-French Bulldog: Over the years it has gained a lot of popularity in our homes. It’s a dogaffectionate, sociable, very playful and gets along well with children . They are also patient and cheerful, but special care must be taken with him since he is a brachycephalic dog (he has a flattened nose) and this can cause breathing problems.

-Boxer: Although it is an imposing dog due to its large size and musculature, the truth is that it is a very affectionate, loyal and protective dog. He is known as the “eternal puppy” since even if he reaches adulthood he will always want to play.

-Golden Retriever: They are often confused with Labrador retrievers, although this breed is more athletic and has long hair. They have a character very similar to the Labrador, since they are dogsvery intelligent, they learn quickly, they are affectionate, sociable, playful, relate well to other animals and are very tolerant.

-Schnauzer: This breed has three sizes: miniature, medium and giant. They are very intelligent, energetic, guardian and faithful dogs.With good training, it obeys at first and is an animal that enjoys great self-confidence.

-Pyrenean Mastiff: Although physically it is a dog that imposes just like the boxer, the truth is that mastiffs are very meek and good-natured dogs as well as protectors and have a predilection for children.

-Bichon Maltese: This little dog is very common in families due to its jovial character.It is a perfect company for the children of the house and is a protective and family dog.

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