How many times have you seen the celebrity of the day with an irresistible haircut and you haven’t done it because someone told you that curly hair wouldn’t look good
If your answer has been many, the time has come for notes how to take care of curly hair in summer, that you forget about the most trending hairstyles with braids of summer to keep your curls at bay and that you sign up for the best haircuts for curly hair.
It does not matter if you like layered haircuts, if what you are looking for is elegance and sophistication or if what you prefer is a haircut with a rejuvenating effect to bet on a fresh and youthful change of look.The time has come for you to claim your curls and bet on the best curly haircuts for this summer .
Do not be afraid to bet on an always elegant bob or to mark an ultra rocker Morrison, it is time to dare to show off your curls and with these haircuts you will have it quite easy this summer and you will be the undisputed queen of street style with these looks hair so flattering.

Curly hair, find out what yours is like before you cut it

Talking about curly hair is automatically thinking of super curly Afro-style hair , but not all hair is like that. Before getting excited about some of the most trendy haircuts of the summer, we recommend that youdiscover what your curl is like and based on that bet on one hair style or another.

Wavy hair : the curls of this hair are S-shaped, very manageable and easy to work with. For this type of curly hair, haircuts that add volume are recommended to prevent losing shape and flattening, for example, a midi style is ideal and with a messy style.

Curly hair : this type of curly hair has a more pronounced S and a very defined corkscrew, it is a type of hair that needs extra hydration. If you have this type of curly hair, go for cuts with strategically placed layers, but you can wear any length of hair without a problem.

Afro hair: this hair is more fragile and changes the shape of the curl from S to Z. For this type of curly hair, the ends are recommended: a very short or very long pixie with a rounded cut.

How to take care of curly hair to show off your curls in summer

Moisturize your curls with a mask and oils : If the mask becomes the perfect ally for any mane, it is especially important for curly hair. Apply it a couple of times a week and let it work for a long period of time. A trick
Apply it for a while before washing your hair and let it rest.

Pay attention to how you wash your hair: Forget about the tips and focus all your efforts on the root, which is the area where all the hair fat is generated. Avoid abruptness and try to massage the scalp, you will be stimulating the area and you will get the hair to grow with more strength and volume. Remember not to rub your hair together to prevent it from breaking and splitting your ends. Apply a shampoo without sulfates and silicones that damage your hair fiber.

Bet on a double hydration : Curly hair has a very particular structure that makes it need extra hydration. You have signed up for the mask trick and have made hair oil your best friend, but you must not forget that hydration after washing is key to showing off beautiful and defined curls.

Remember to define your curls: It is important that you apply products with which to define your curls and that they have that lively appearance with movement that we like to see so much in curly hair. A good definition is the difference between a beautiful mane and another of unkempt appearance.

Dry your hair to a minimum : If you have decided to give up irons in favor of your curly hair, perhaps it is time to consider abandoning the dryer. Maybe not forever, but avoid using it frequently so as not to damage your hair. If you have no choice but to use it, use it at a low temperature and at its minimum power

The best haircuts for curly hair this summer

Now that you have mastered all the techniques to take care of your curly hair this summer(and in any season) and that you know what your hair type is like, it’s time for you to know the best haircuts for curly hair. Those to bet on this summer and show off your curls because, you know, the summer season is the best to bet on a good and curly hair and you, who have it from the factory, will be able to get the most out of it with these cuts hair for curly hair .

Curly haircut: French bob

If you want a romantic haircut for your curly hair, that is the French bob, a type of bob cut that stands out for being short above the nape of the neck, showing off a lot of volume and being accompanied by straight bangs.. It is the most stylish haircut in the world and let no one tell you that you cannot bet on it because you have curly hair.

Curly haircut: the shaggy

The shag or shaggy cut is a hair trend that swept the 70s and that this year has become the favorite of girls with little volume, although now the time has come for curly hair to bet for her. It is a perfect haircut to give volume to the curls on the sides of the face and around the head.

Curly haircut: the pixie curly hair

Short hair is an indisputable trend this summerAnd of course curly hair can wear this type of haircut. With the pixie cut, curly hair can play with volume and layers, for example, leaving all the volume on top and keeping the sides shorter. We love the maxi fringe effect on curly hair.

Curly haircut: the Morrison

This haircut for curly hair is inspired by Jim Morrison, singer of The Doors, and provides a super extravagant and unique rocker look. It is a haircut that is achieved thanks to layers (which do not have much difference in length between them) and that reach the collarbone.

Curly haircut: midi layered hair
Haircuts with a single layer are not only exclusive to straight hair. The curls give this cut the perfect volume; For this , do not forget to cut it to one layer because otherwise the hair will acquire excessive volume and there is no need either (or yes, what bothers you the most).

Curly haircut: yes to bangs

Many people think that bangs are not appropriate for curly hair. This statement is completely wrong, there are many possibilities of bangs for this type of hair . You have two options when it comes to opting for a fringe on curly hair: either present it in a smooth version or opt for leaving it natural. We are in favor of leaving it natural, but for tastes, colors.

Curly haircut: long pixie

In its extra long version (it’s almost a French bob). This look goes better with long ringlets than tight curls . To achieve this finish, apply the spray that gives your curls more definition and with which to achieve a super summer look.

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