Here is finally the third month of 2021. Time is running fast and a year has even passed since the start of the lockdown, which put us in front of many difficulties. Our medicine
The books. Books that have filled our time, our days, calmed our fears. Books that, even in this new March, will surprise us. For you the news of March 2021 not to be missed, from Michela Murgia to Stephen King. Later. Ediz. Italian, Stephen King
Here is a nice news among the books coming out in March: Jamie Conklin has the air of a completely normal child, but there are two things that make him very special: he is the son of a single mother, Tia, who by profession he is a literary agent, and above all he has a supernatural gift. A gift that his mother requires him to keep secret, because others would not understand. A gift that he didn’t ask for and that most of the time he didn’t want. But this will only find out much later. Because the first time he decides to use it he is still too small to discern, and he does it to console a friend
Gibson never believed that science fiction predicts the future: it only speaks of the present. And that’s exactly what these pages tell, where even the remnants of alternative timelines are nothing more than abandoned pasts, butts of futures that could have been, versions of the world we live in now.Verity Jane, a talented app-whisperer, is hired as a beta tester for a new product called Eunice: a digital assistant that can be activated by means of glasses with a very normal appearance. Eunice, in addition to being an incredibly human artificial intelligence, soon reveals that she has a face, a fragmented past and an in-depth knowledge of combat strategies. An enigmatic book, frighteningly current despite being set in the future. Shut up, Michela Murgia
Michela Murgia returns to make her voice heard among the new March books.
If you are a woman, in Italy you also die of language. It is a civil death, but it doesn’t hurt any less for that. And with words that make us disappear from public places, from professions, from debates and from the news, but we also die of unfair words in everyday life, where the prejudice that passes through language kills our possibility of being fully ourselves. For every difference in rights that women suffer as a result of male chauvinism, there is a verbal framework that supports and justifies it. It happens every time they refuse to call you a lawyer, mayor or architect because otherwise “we should also say pharmacist”. It happens when you do a good job, but they ask you first if you are a mom. When you are the only one whose surname is never pronounced, except with a definite article in front of it.The change we deserve. How women are tracing the way to the future, Rula Jebreal
Among the news of March another book on women.
Acting for the well-being of women means acting for the well-being of the community and of society as a whole. Women and men, together we must take responsibility for a role in this struggle if we are to build a future worthy of the hopes of our daughters and sons. We are immersed in the turbulence of a frightening crisis but one that can open the way for us to a great turning point, that lasting change that so many are hoping for. Today, in the world, one in three women is a victim of abuse and every day over a hundred women are murdered by men who claim to love them. Action must be taken before this tsunami of violence destabilizes, with physical and psychological consequences, even the next generations, because violence affects the whole family and entire community, and Rula Jebreal knows this well.The book was better, Valerio Lundini
For years Valerio Lundini has directed and performed shorts, sketches and shows, works in radio and television. In practice, Lundini writes things that make you laugh. He writes a lot, but out of order: he spreads sheets around and between one thing and another there is always the risk that something is lost. For this he decided to choose his best pages and print them in a certain number of copies. One says: “You could have put everything on a USB stick”, but it’s not the same thing. The book collects a series of stories about respectable killers, couples who live on different temporal planes, hasty film critics, problematic columnists, our beautiful Naples, the role of the horn and incest in civil society and the degrees of separation that divide us from Franco Califano. That Lundini and surreal have already written so many, so on this thing I would not dwell on it. Also because here the space is finished and the book is much better inside. No really.The Rule of the Holy Cross, Gabriella Genisi
Among the books coming out in March, Gabriella Genisi comes out with a new Noir for Rizzoli. Salento, eighties. It was a majestic summer, the sea sparkling a pristine blue when three boys were bound forever in a pact of blood. Two lifelong friends and her, a very blond girl with a wild look. But on one of those afternoons of heat and cicadas, Eva disappeared without a trace. Chicca Lopez comes face to face with those secrets buried in the past. She plans to go all the way to find the truth and not let Eve become one of many vanished women, too often killed in the name of a crime mistakenly called love. With a writing enveloping like the winds of the South,Of vices and virtues, Pope Francis
In Padua, in the Scrovegni Chapel, one of the greatest masterpieces of Western art, Giotto tells the path of human salvation through the stories of Jesus and Mary on the walls and the Last Judgment on the counter-fa├žade. In the lower register, in black and white as if they were bas-relief panels, Giotto paints the four cardinal virtues and the three theological ones to the right of Christ the judge, and to the left seven vices which represent the counterbalance of the virtues. It is to these pairs of opposites – injustice-justice, inconstancy-fortitude, anger-temperance, foolishness-prudence, infidelity-faith, jealousy-charity, despair-hope – the new conversation between Pope Francis and Don Marco Pozza is dedicated.

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