Nowadays, more and more Internet users make their purchases through the Internet and fewer and fewer go to physical stores to get hold of a garment. Clothing sales applications are becoming more complete and offer many facilities so that users can make their purchases in an easy , fast and comfortable way . In addition, the purchases and sales of second-hand

products and clothing are becoming more and more popular . This is why, in recent years, the number of applications dedicated to this activity has skyrocketed.
The fact of selling the clothes that you no longer wear is something very positive , since it will make you get rid of the clothes that you do not wear. When we change the seasonal wardrobe, here we tell you how to do it, there are many clothes that we do not wear and that take up unnecessary space in it, so we can put them on sale and thus earn extra money. The operation of all of them is very simple and has a large community of users that will make you sell your clothes very quickly.


It is, without a doubt, the best-known platform for buying and selling clothing. This popularity is due to its easeof use. To sell an item on Vinted, you will only have to take a couple of photos of the garment, fill in some information about it and set its price. Once we have sold the item, the money transfer is made through the app itself and will remain in the app until the sale has been considered successful .
This action is carried out so that in case problems appear in the purchase, it is possible to refund the money to the buyer . The good thing about Vinted is that, in addition to having a version for iOS and Android phones, it does not charge any type of commission and allows you to maintain direct contact with sellers.


ebayIt is one of the most important applications that exist in terms of buying and selling items. Among the many things that eBay sells , second-hand clothing stands out . To sell what you no longer wear, you just have to take some photos of the garment, write a detailed description of it and decide if you will sell the item by auction or set its price yourself.Buying is also very easy. This application has its version for iOS and Android phones.


Mercari is an application that allows us to sell anything, including toys, electronic products, sporting goods and also any piece of clothingthat we no longer use. On this platform, putting a second-hand garment up for sale is very easy, since you only have to take a photo, add a brief description and set its price.
The con of this application is that when you sell an item, they will withdraw 10% of its sale price . This service also protects the buyer and will only release payment to the seller once the buyer confirms that he has received the item and it is as described in the publication.


ThredUp is one of the most popular online stores for fashion products. The particularity of this app is that you will find brand name clothing with significant discounts. Buying and selling on this platform is very easy, since you only have to request the “cleaning kit” from ThredUp, then fill the bag with the items you no longer want and send said bag so that your clothes can be sold. To buy, you just have to access the application. In addition, it has the version for iOS and Android phones.



Grailed is also an application dedicated to the sale of second-hand clothing but focused on men’s fashion . This platform is also very easy to use, since you just have to create an account and start uploading the products you want to sell. The main con of this app is that for each sale you make, it will charge you a 6% commission. It is available for iOS and Android.


Wallapop is one of the most used buying and selling platforms. Little by little, this application has evolved to become one of the most complete second-hand markets , since in addition to buying and selling fashion, it is dedicated to selling many other types of items. Wallapop also offers its own payment service and a protection tool with which to make the process of buying and selling more secure . It has versions for iOS and Android.


Pinkiz could be defined as the new Chicfy but with a plus and that is that it does not havecommissions . This application is solely intended for the purchase and sale of fashion items for the female public.Buying and selling through Pinkiz is very simple, since you only have to take a photo of the garment you want to put on sale and upload it to the platform. In addition, this app has a chat where you can talk with the different sellers.


Letgo is also a widely used platform for buying and selling second-hand items. The application is very easy to use, both when selling and buying. To publish a product, all you have to do is take a photo of the garment and choose a price for it, since the app itself takes care of itto create the title and assign the category to which the item of clothing belongs. Like the rest of the applications, it has a version for iOS and Android phones.


This application not only allows you to sell and buy clothing or fashion accessories, but it also has a specific category for this type of product, since the purchase of second-hand clothing is increasingly in demand by users. Like some other applications, Vibbo does not charge a commission to its sellers and has a chat through which sellers and potential buyers of the products can talk. It also has, like all the others, a version for iOS and another for Android.

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