Among the different types of appliances that are essential in the home, washing machines are one of the main ones on the list, since having clean clothes and other textiles is part of the daily need. Choosing the right one depends on many factors, including the brand, size, capacity and of course, its price.
The best thing will always be to opt for cheap washing machines without compromising their quality. For this, it is important to take into account a series of factors that will affect its performance, which depends on the use. But if you have doubts, just take a look at the price comparisons and see the user ratings.

Electronic commerce offers different alternativesthat you can analyze based on the cost/benefit ratio. But before deciding, we advise you to invest in quality, since it is assumed that you are looking for efficiency and comfort to be able to dedicate yourself to other tasks at home or better invest your free time.
Take some time to analyze the usage program and check the type of load (if it is front or top), the capacity, the control panel, if it has a leak detection system and the energy saving parameters. According to experts, it is best to choose front-loading washing machines, because you can get more out of the size and include more functions.
If your family nucleus is large, choose a washing machine of 7 Kg or more, but if what you are interested in is saving in terms of energy consumption, the amount to pay on your bill will not be so exaggerated if you choose one with an A+++ classification. Also, think about space and spin speed. There are those who prefer silent equipment that incorporates different modes on the panel and, above all, that is safe.

The best brands

When evaluating their useful life, the most used brands have an intermediate duration between 11 and 12 years . The most common failures are related to filter and door failures, so it is essential that you invest in the best technology.
According to the demand, the best and cheapest are the washing machinesBosch, LG, Balay, Beko, Samsung and AEG.Their prices range between 200 and 300 euros. To find out which one suits you best, check how it works and make sure it has a guarantee by buying in a store like ElectroNow appliances.
The appliance sector has innovated so much that you can get really incredible features that you would never have imagined. Check the dimensions of the washing machine that you like the most and verify that in fact, you will be able to install it without problems and without obstructing the space, especially if you live in a small apartment.

Many prefer front-loading washing machinesbecause its performance is high, its washing programs are very advanced and it fills faster, without wasting water. From them you will get the clothes almost dry, so you will make an excellent investment. If you have doubts about the spin speed, be guided by the scale that goes from “A” to “G”. The closer it is to the letter “A”, the more efficient it will be.

The cheapest

Although the sale of top-loading washing machines is not a constant in Spain, they are the cheapest and have their own niche. Its design is compact, they can be moved more easily and while you activate the washing cycle, you can add more clothes.
The only downside may be that you can’t fit any other appliances on top and they often take up more space in tight areas.

The more load capacity a washing machine has, the higher the cost . The most accessible are the 6 kilos, which are ideal for one or two people, but if there are more than 4 people at home, you should definitely consider purchasing one of 9 kilos (at least). Thus, the cost amounts to between 350 and 650 euros, approximately, according to the seller.
Also remember that the larger your washing machine, the greater the consumption of water and energy, which in the long run will be reflected in your monthly expenses, considering that after a refrigerator and a television, the washing machine is the appliance that uses the most requires electricity to operate (more than 80 percent), especially if you activate the hot water cycle.

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