When it comes to jeans , it seems to be all made up. And, what is better, everything invented in denim trends seems to coexist in perfect harmony this season. Skinny, mom jeans, slouchy, baggy, flare… All cuts and styles of jeans are present in the new collections of our favorite brands and that couldn’t make us happier. A wide range of possibilities opens up before us and we have full freedom to choose the jeans that most convince us . But, of all the jeansthat are trending this season, there are some that particularly call our attention because they have become the best-looking in the world, regardless of whether you are tall or short. These are bell-bottom jeans (also known as wide leg), which are super fashionable and make an incredible guy .
Following trends is not always easy. Not even get a basic . Finding the white pants that best suit our total white looks is not always easy, getting the polka dot pleated skirt that stylizes and helps us with our most elegant looks is sometimes an impossible mission and, how could it be otherwise, find flare jeans that fit bestIt also requires your time. Although the search seems to be over forever and we finally have the perfect jeans to combine with the most original short-sleeved shirts of spring.
Short women and those who are taller do not look for the same effects when they embark on the adventure of finding those flared jeans that are most flattering, so they do not usually agree when they finally find them. At least so far. After much searching, studying all the denim trends that have been and will have, we have found in Zara the bell-bottom jeans that best fitand that short women (and also tall ones) are going to sell out in 3, 2, 1. Short women will see in these jeans the best way to achieve the infinite legs effect and tall women will be able to show off their greatness thanks to the width of the legs. the legs.
Flared jeans (also known as wide leg) made a big splash last fall. The return of a fashion from the 70s and that at the beginning of the 2000s lived a second youth did not have everything to be the resounding success that it is. But these types of jeans look so good that it is impossible not to succumb to their charms.
In the case of Zara’s flared jeans, the key to their success so that they are the ones that feel the best is inits super high waist and the maxi bell that is born from above. These characteristics help make Zara’s bell-bottom jeans a great look and are the favorites of short (and tall) women to combine them with the tightest crop tops in the closet. Let’s see how long it takes short women (and, really, all) to wear out these flared jeans .

Zara’s bell-bottom jeans, the pants that make
a great
guy These types of jeans have the same effect on any woman who wears them: the feeling of having found the definitive jeans. All of us who have tried them on have exclaimed the same thing when looking in the mirror with them on: What a great guy. We’ve praised its features (its maxi flare, its super high rise), but it’s not just these that make these jeans feel the best .
They have something (let’s call it magic) that only those who try it on understand it. That’s why Zara’s bell-bottom jeans are causing a rage among short and tall women , because they feel so good that you need to have them in your closet right now. Available from size 32 to 46, Zara’s bell-bottom jeans are priced at 29.95 euros and we don’t know if they will be sold out by the end of reading the article , because they are succeeding.

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