The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house , the one dedicated to rest, to moments of tranquility, to the frantic search for clothes to put on to go out in a flash in the morning, to change of clothes in the evening, calmly, in front of the mirror. This is the realm of sleep and clothes stored in wardrobes and drawers, waiting for their turn, which soon comes and soon goes, or never comes, when a shirt reaches a forgotten corner, or carries the indelible guilt of being out fashion or the wrong size.
A very special role in the alternation of rest and fashion in the alcove room is played by the bedside tables, objects of utility and beautyof the bedroom. They stand on the sides of a comfortable mattress covered with white or colored sheets, as bridesmaids or as guardians, ready to perform all those accessory functions typical of the night hours, such as supporting the blindfold to put on the eyes, when too much light enters, or for a small lamp to keep on while reading before falling asleep.
The style of the bedside tables in the bedroom must marry with the colors of the headboard and the linen, but at the same time it must fit harmoniously with the atmosphere of the entire environment. The materials with which the bedside tables in the bedroom are made contribute to creating different effects: warm suggestions or the most iconic dynamic lines, revealing a contemporaneity that is always on the move.
Thewood is the material of choice, which can be interpreted in infinite ways. Natural for a rustic style, lacquered for environments with modern shapes, the wood can also be worked to obtain an effect similar to that of natural aging, sought after to obtain a shabby chic ensemble. Cheap bedside tables: possible do-it-yourself solutions
To have cheap bedside tables for your bedroom, you can consider making do-it -yourself bedside tables . It is a possibility that sharpens the creative ingenuity and can give rise to moments of sociality and fun. In fact, to obtain nice and functional do-it-yourself bedside tables, sometimes it will be enough to readjust a disused piece of furniture .to the new bedside table function. In other cases it will be necessary to work with a little enthusiasm in a manual activity, such as pickling the wood to be able to repaint it or to obtain a characteristic vintage effect. The old leather suitcases and metal chairs that suffer from the ailments of time
become valid and original do-it-yourself bedside tables, without the hands having to tire at work . It is enough to stack two or three suitcases of the past to obtain a comfortable support surface that can assist us in the evenings of reading or during the night to keep a glass of water for possible awakenings, a pair of glasses for those who are nearsighted, a scarf to protect yourself from drafts, a candy for the throat when it’s winter and colds are unforgiving.
To become valid do-it-yourself bedside tables, the old tin containers that need to be repainted and decorated as you please require a bit of manual work. You can also improvise carpenters by reinterpreting simple objects such as pallets or fruit boxes. In this case the most consistent part of the creative recycling work will consist in sanding the wood surfaces so that they are clean of all impurities and splinters that can painfully slip into the skin of the modern bedside tables for an elegant bedroom
Modern bedside tables can be characterized from essential geometric lines , which enhance functionalityof the product and silently immerse it in the set of furniture. They can be closed, with drawers, or open, with or without additional shelves with respect to the highest support surface.
Choosing the most suitable bedside table for your bedroom must take into account the habits of daily life. If the bedside table in the bedroom is to act as a “deposit” for several books to be read, it is advisable to choose a cabinet that has more than one shelf. A lamp suitable for reading will be placed on the highest support surface, while on the underlying shelves will be placed the volumes that brighten the last hours of the day.
A bedside table with several open shelves can also be useful for storing a dressing gown to wear to get up in winter, in the night or early in the morning, when the heating is turned down in the house. Modern bedside tables with drawers can contain clothing, such as underwear, or objects: keys, creams, documents or trinkets.
The design of modern bedside tables can also surprise and surprise you with an unexpected, original solution that strikes and captures the attention. It is a different way of interpreting these objects in the bedroom, which always seem a little behind the more important dimensions of the wardrobes and the bed. Just a broken line, a bright color, a fantasy, a function that is integrated into another, and the bedside tables in the bedroom acquire personality and autonomy.
The modern bedside tables in the bedroom can be shaped in wood, metal, glass, with fabric or plastic coverings. A bit of a gamble, a bit of a temptation, and the idea of ​​choosing mismatched bedside tablesfor your own bedroom: with contrasting colors and lines or complementary shapes, which can perform different functions and satisfy the most demanding and original looks. A small bedside table for those with little space
It can happen that you have little space available for the bedside tables in the bedroom. In fact, in contemporary condominium homes the surfaces of the rooms are often reduced to ensure greater space for the living area of ​​the apartment. In these cases you can decide to insert a single bedside table , while one side of the bed remains attached to the wall and can possibly benefit from a small shelf.
The classic measurements of the bedside tables in the bedroom are 40 or 50 cm per side. If you don’t have that much space available, alternative solutions can be adopted. For example, a suspended lighting system that does not occupy the surface of the bedside table allows the use of smaller cabinets.
When you send space for the bedside tables in the bedroom, one option is to use designer stools as a support next to the alcove. Another valid solution is to take advantage of any niches present in the walls of the room.

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