Black and white are opposite and complementary colors: the first reflects light, the other absorbs it. As in a couple in which one of the two talks a lot, while the other prefers to listen, attentive to every detail, white and black recall each other, extremes of the chromatic scale who love to fight or play together with castles. paper.
The white is the color of the page. The black is that of the ink. Choosing a certain style for your bathroom means telling something about yourself, and the dance of roles that takes place between black and white has the suggestion of writing. In a black and white bathroom, which of the two is the protagonist
Which of the two writes and which is written
Answering these questions already means identifying the guidelines dictated by your taste.
Black and white are both traditional colors , which are never forgotten by fashions, they are always current, suitable for covering any style in the furniture and design sector. The black and white bathroom can have a vintage flavor , with square checkerboard tiles alternating on the walls or floor. Or it can be full of the charm of a minimalist environment , which plays with light and empty space, but also adapt to take the shape of a shabby chic room with white marble and wood and large black and white tiles.
The black and white bathroom can be made so that the two colors interpenetrate meticulously and play the part of a quiet and functional environment on an equal footing or it can assign to one the role of solo voice and the other that of the choir or orchestra . In this eventuality, the juxtaposition of large colored surfaces will give life to the atmosphere of the room. Black and white bathroom furniture: coverings and wallpaper
To create a black and white bathroom, you must first decide how to cover the walls and the floor. In fact, depending on the decision taken, the appearance of the sanitary ware and storage cabinets must be different to obtain a harmonious result of the whole.
A first possibility is to brazenly contrast the two colors, as in a close combat in which each gives the best of himself. So there are two options: do black walls and floors and install white bathroom fixtures, which will look like bright windows of light in the midst of so much darkness; or to do the opposite, the walls and the floor in white with the black bathroom fixtures and tub, which seem to remain suspended in flight, in the light of a dazzling background.
If you decide to dare such oppositions, then you have to find the right materials to implement them in a way that is consistent with your desires and the whole of the house. The bathroom claddingit can be made with ceramic, glass, metal tiles or with porcelain stoneware, PVC or metal alloy panels, depending on the final result to be obtained.
A black and white bathroom can also show off its inherent color contrast in a more discreet way. Here opens up a range of infinite possibilities in which the imagination can linger and amuse itself. The damask style proves to be a good choice if you love classic atmospheres, with that almost understatement flavor. It is inspired by the shape of damask, the fabric with floral or geometric decorations that create an alternation of shiny and opaque.
The damask-style bathroom cladding will feature stylized decorations that are repeated in shades of white and black. To get a good result you can use tiles or wallpaper. The same goes for a black and white bathroom in which the two colors contrast in vertical, horizontal or oblique lines. The overall effect will be that of a more essential geometry than the two dimensions and able to shape the space and the atmosphere that pervades it.
Today, wallpapers are available especially designed for the bathroom and characterized by waterproofing properties. They can also be applied in the shower and sanitary area, where humidity is higher. The wallpaper allows you to choose between the most disparate patterns, naturalistic or geometric, with shades that slope from black to white or with sharp contrasts. Black and white tiles: vintage style, but not only
Black and white tiles are a great classic of the vintage style that harks back to the 50s, 60s and 70s. However, the use of black and white tiles can also give life to other effects that are well suited to a modern, minimal or even shabby chic bathroom. Real mosaics
can be created with small ceramic or glass tilesfor the floor or walls of the black and white bathroom: in this case we are talking about square tiles with a side of 2 cm, sold in sheets of 10×10 cm, 15×15 cm or 30×30 cm. It is thus possible to contrast monochromatic surfaces or design naturalistic or geometric decorations .
The more traditional black and white tiles can be used to reinterpret the classic chessboard, for example by applying them in a straight pose , or by significantly reducing the size of the square that is repeated in black and white to create a “micro” effect.
The Liberty stylewith floral motifs in black on a white background is obtained with the use of black and white tiles, giving life to a suggestion of times gone by, with a light-hearted charm that also happily welcomes modern furnishings. Trendy bathrooms
Black and white are always current colors that never go out of style. They adapt to interpret all styles and are offered in different materials, from tiles to painted wood. For the trendy bathrooms of 2018 , white and black are the colors of marble , with its streaks that create just whispered references to make the chromatic contrast dynamic.
The marble coverings for the bathroom contrast white and black in defined geometries, with large juxtaposed shapes, in which subtle veins of the complementary color weave a studied stylistic alliance.
To give life to trendy bathrooms, another possibility is to use wallpaper or porcelain stoneware panels with naturalistic decorations or with cartoons that refer to classic comics, such as Valentina by Crepax.
Finally, the trendy black and white bathrooms also welcome influences from the East, in particular from Japan, where color is not used, but black and white decorations are preferred. Ceramic coatings are a good material with which to reproduce the Japanese style.

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