The banking entities Bankia and Caixabank had already been warning for some time about the consequences that their merger would have . Now that the date has arrived, from the beginning set for November 12, the definitive goodbye of the Bankia entity has also taken place, which has led to the elimination of its Mi Bankia mobile application .
In addition to its mobile application, its great instant payment service, Bizum, will cease to be operational for all former Bankia customers as of 3:00 p.m. on November 12 .
People who have stopped operating these Bankia services will only have to download the CaixaBank application. In principle, the process will last a few days, but with the 4 million clients that will migrate at the same time, it is not entirely clear how long the operation will take.
Likewise, to continue benefiting from the Bizum application, what the customer must do is, once the app has been downloaded, enter the bank account data and carry out the usual verification .
Once it has been confirmed that the user is who they really say they are, the CaixaBank application must be installed and accessed with the username and password that were already available at the previous bank .
These operations have the deadline of Sunday, November 14, day in which everything should be operational again and working normally. In the event that this is not the case due to excessive bank migrations, the client will be in the situation of having to wait at least a few more days to interact with their bank in an ordinary way.

Final elimination of Bankia

It will be from November 14 when the Bankia mobile application is no longer enabled and these customers will have to resort to the CaixaBankNow app to carry out their procedures. From there they will be able to see and manage their cards , as well as pay in different electronic commerce operations and continue using Bizum.
Customers from Bankia must first validate their data and complete the migration without incident.It will not be necessary to register again , but once you have started the session with your original data, the mobile phone will be linked to your new account.

The end of Bankia will coincide with the removal of its website , which will redirect to and definitively promote the substitution of digital banking from one entity to another.

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