It must be recognized that until the temperatures have dropped we have not been aware that we are in autumn and, consequently, we have not taken to signing the latest trends of the season. We have made a shy addition to our wardrobes of the retro print and we have allowed ourselves to be conquered by some 90s trend , but the rest of the autumn trends have gone completely unnoticed. No corduroy pants or double-sided jackets, we have only had eyes for the marble print and little else.
It may have happened to you just like us and you still walk with the wardrobe half done. Calm down, we have rescuedthe definitive autumn trends 2021 that you are still in time to sign to stop being an old . You don’t need to bet on all of them, but at least be aware of which are the top trends of this autumn 2021 and so your friends can’t catch you offside.
You have the retro print and the marble effect more than controlled, but you should also know what the colors of the season are, the most viral garment or the warmest and most flattering fabric . Are you ready to stop being an old-timer and get into the autumn 2021 trends that you are still in time to sign

Autumn 2021 trends: the triumph of corduroy fabric

If this autumn we are living thereturn of the most serene trends of other decades, it is not surprising that corduroy is one of the fabrics that is experiencing a comeback . Although, if it weren’t for Stradivarius and his way of reinventing this fabric, corduroy would not enjoy the super success it enjoys today.
Corduroy is an extremely thick fabric that has always been used to make outerwear in winter, mainly pants and jackets. Despite being a very warm fabric, its thickness has made it difficult to find a garment with which we are favored.
At least until now that one of our favorite low cost firms has set out to democratize its use and has made this fabric the trend of the season.. You are in time to sign the most ideal corduroy jackets and pants of the fall and mark yourself with them the best looks of the season.

Autumn trends 2021: the marble effect

Initially, this pattern made an appearance in a very subtle way and everything seemed to indicate that, like other unexpected trends, it would go completely unnoticed. As expected, we were all wrong and the marble pattern has not turned out to be a flower of a day .
Its boom has been such that it has taken over all kinds of garments and is very present in the proposals of our favorite firms . Although, as you should already imagine, this trend will be short-lived and when spring arrives another pattern will take the place of the marble effect.
We know that you want to go to the latest fashion and that you are crazy about signing a garment with a marble effect, but we recommend that you do it with your head if you do not want to throw money away. In that sense, we propose a selection of garments that you will continue to wear when it stops being a trend.

Autumn 2021 trends: the retro print

Everything seemed very clear when it came to autumn 2021 trends, but suddenly, street style has been filled with a new trend that has us completely in love. A set of viral retro print on social networks, a dress with a psychedelic print that has unleashed madness among those who know the most about style or the dress with a geometric print that set off alarms due to its cheap price were already giving us a clue of what It would be the definitive trend of autumn 2021 .
Unlike the retro print that was a trend this summer, the one that triumphs this fall (and hopefully this winter too) fuses geometric trends and the psychedelic print of the 70s to result in a super original and wearable print. Although the retro print is present in many garments, our favorite combination is pants and shirt.(especially if it is in point version). We can find garments with a retro print in firms such as Zara, Mango and Stradivarius, but also in any neighborhood store, whose designs are much cooler.

Fall 2021 trends: the 90s are back

This fall 2021 is also hitting hard on the 90s trends and we are crazy about this news. That the 90s have returned to street style is already more than evident and our favorite firms confirm it. The shop windows, both virtual and physical, are full of lingerie dresses, synthetic fur, 90s-style accessories… garments that remind us that the 90s are the favorite decade from which to take inspiration for our looks .
But not everything is as easy as it seems when it comes to opting for 90s trends. If we want to be fashionable, it is not enough to recover centuries-old garments, we must be aware of which are the 90s trends that have returned and which are better left in the past, to avoid screwing up. Take a look at some of the nineties proposals from Zara and Stradivarius that we have selected for you.

Autumn trends 2021: the double-sided jacket, the only and true

We must admit that the first time we saw the double-sided jacket we had mixed feelings. On the one hand, it seemed too oversize, on the other, the mixture of the skin effect and the hairs seemed like a total fantasy. From there to absolute crush, as expected. We must not have been the only ones who experienced this infatuation, because every time we have gone to buy one of the models of the double-sided jacket, the sizes have sold out in the second. While they replenish and not the stock, it is time to see how to wear the most fashionable double-sided jacket of autumn 2021. Autumn 2021

trends: everything in green and orange

If you were expecting that the most fashionable colors of autumn were the classics browns and grays, you are very wrong. This autumn 2021 the most trendy colors are green and orange. It is difficult to think of autumn without those garments in shades of brown, ocher and gray that we repeat every year come to mind, but this seasonorange and green are placed in the crosshairs of our favorite influencers and celebrities.
We, who do not want to be left behind in terms of the trends of the moment , offer you the keys to wear the colors of this autumn 2021 without despairing in the attempt. We propose five looks that show that green and orange are the most trendy colors of autumn 2021.

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