“Have you also heard that Andalusians like to have a good time
Thus begins the video for social networks made by the Madrid company Canonazo Transmedia commissioned by the Andalusian Parliament on the occasion of the commemoration of December 4. It is part of a campaign in which Andalusian topics are mixed to, at the same time, praise the way in which work is done in the region with phrases such as “if we are asked if we are capable of improving, we answer with a phrase: no or na”. “In Andalusia we are proud to be different”, concludes the message with the final hashtag “Andalusian pride”.
Mercedes Pastor, Head of Communications of the President of the Chamber,Juan Pablo Duran , and person in charge of the idea, assures that he wanted “to bring Parliament closer to young people through the media in which they get information, the networks”. “That is why we have started the Instagram account and energized Facebook and Twitter with this campaign because you can post plenary sessions or give all the information, but if the young people do not enter or can not communicate with them,” he maintains.
Regarding the content, he affirms that in the first video he has tried to put an end ” to the topics of the Andalusian who only likes to have fun and show that he also works hereand in a very effective way”. “The rest of the campaign consists of publicizing what December 4 meant”, points out Pastor, who adds that its impact has been even greater than expected: “On the Facebook page in less After 48 hours we have exceeded one hundred reproductions, 5,000 shares and the reach is 335,380 people. A pass”.

The first video could be seen last Saturday through the Parliament’s social networks. To prepare it, this company based in Madrid specialized in content for Internet users was counted on. Among its clients are well-known firms such as Adidas, Vincci or ING Direct. The president of the Andalusian Parliament, Juan Pablo Duran, welcomed the inclusion of the video with a tweet in which he stated that “in Andalusia we do not stay on the topic. We bet on effort and fight for a future.” Next he placed a link for the viewing of him. Alex Fernandez Duran , nephew of Juan Pablo Duran and son of Inmaculada Duran, general director of Consumption of the Board and leader of the PSOE of Cordoba for years,
works as a community manager in the company that has produced this montage . Fernandez Duran, born in 1995, is a member of the Socialist Youth and is finishing university studies in Communication in Madrid. He is the only Andalusian in the team of eleven people from Canonazo Transmedia.
According to Pastor, this circumstance

It has had nothing to do with the contracting of this company, which is the national leader in the management of messages on social networks. “I was aware of the work they had done with an equality campaign in the European Parliament and later we met them when Alberto Rodríguez’s team for the series La Peste asked to be able to shoot some scenes inside the Parliament. This company is the one that leads in networks this production. From then on, we told them a little about what we wanted and we liked their proposal and their success is obvious,” he highlights.
The cost of this campaign, according to Pastor, “is not very high, considering that the entire communication team also participates in it”. “Compared to other large clients and much longer campaigns, what he has done with us is very little for Canonazo, although it is very important for us. But our great campaign is that of 28-F. What happens is that this This year we wanted to visualize 4-D a little more and, incidentally, target especially young people. That’s why it’s just a modest campaign aimed at networks,” he stresses. This is also the reason why an Andalusian company has not been chosen and this firm from Madrid has been chosen, “With the means we had, we needed someone who could manage very well the way in which messages are multiplied on the Internet and, in that sense, they are among the best”.

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