If you like to make your own garments, or buy spectacular fabrics to make a beautiful personalized dress for you, it may be particularly interesting to know which are the best options to make a dress.
Although the type of fabric that you are going to use in each dress depends a lot on your style , the finish that you want to achieve and even the climatic season in which you are going to use it, we can offer you some recommendations that cannot be missing from your options if you want to make a beautiful, functional and perfect model for any occasion.
These are the best 7 types of fabrics for dresses that you can get on the market:

1. Damask
It is a thick and strong fabric whose texture is flat and that arises from an alloy between soft materials such as cotton, linen, rayon, wool and silk . The purpose of putting these materials together is to obtain fabrics, lace and special drawings to decorate the fabric and make it look much more elegant.
This is why it is an ideal fabric to plan dress suits, formal, elegant and perfect for ceremonies.

2. Lanilla

It is a slightly more informal fabric, which generates the possibility of generating one-piece dresses that look attached to the body.It is extremely light and stretches to shape your body appropriately.
It is also a perfect material for winter, sinceIt has excellent thermal capacities that help conserve body heat.

3. Cashmere

It is a fairly expensive fabric, very soft to the touch, with a fairly light and resistant style that is perfect for cold climates as it is a natural thermal insulator.In this sense, not only does it look very elegant, but it does not require major modifications to give the look you expect in each of your designs.

4. Shawls

If you want to enhance the attributes of your body, you should consider wearing shawls in your dresses. It is considered a material that adheres very well to the body while remaining silky , so it looks very elegant regardless of the type of color, pattern or shape it has.

5. Pancake
Its look is very rough and rustic with a grainy style that is perfect for casual dresses that go well with any type of outing. It is a slightly wrinkled fabric that looks great in this way and that will give a different finish to your outfit and your design.

6. Linen

The best alternative if you want to make a summer dress is linen , since it is cheap, conducts heat very well, resists all types of temperatures, does not present any type of static and is of vegetable origin.

7. Silk

Finally, one of the favorite fabrics to make dresses, as it has a natural shine and has good absorption and drape, so it will look elegant no matter the design. Likewise, it does not get dirty easily, in fact, in some cases it is waterproof, since moisture does not easily penetrate its shiny layer.

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