Vinyl flooring is a wonderful alternative to have at home for many reasons: it is aesthetically very beautiful, easy to maintain and resistant to various factors, such as humidity, as well as resistant to sunlight and heat. That is why it is not surprising that they are positioned as an increasingly popular alternative. The best

They are very easy to install and are also very hygienic. So, if you are looking for a vinyl floor for the kitchen, bathroom or rooms in general, you should consider the following alternatives that combine a magnificent value for money.

This Leroy Merlin vinyl floorIt is one of the best alternatives for many reasons, although it undoubtedly stands out for its resistance, ideal for all types of rooms, including high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. In this sense, we must emphasize that it resists humidity very well. Laying this vinyl floor is also very easy, since it works through a click system and is compatible with radiant floors. On the other hand, the floor is treated with an extra protection system, which provides great resistance, including stains, scratches, wear, not to mention that it is one hundred percent recyclable.
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Click vinyl tile ARTENS Intenso Cement

Among the many Leroy Merlin vinyl floors, we highlight this magnificent alternative that has a beautiful aesthetic design that imitates hydraulic ceramics. The installation, on the other hand, also works under the click system, so it is easy and quick to do, which provides great added value to this model. Other interesting characteristics of this vinyl tile is that it is suitable for all floors in the home because it resists changes in temperature and humidity very well. It is also compatible with underfloor heating by water and, as an added bonus, it comes at a great price. An option that, without a doubt, will provide a lot of style to your home.
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PVC tile for flooring ARTENS Forte new marmi

Other Leroy vinyl flooringthat also stands out both for its resistance and for its aesthetics, is this ARTENS model. If you are looking to renew the appearance of your house as if by magic, you should consider this option that imitates marble. It is very elegant, distinctive and practical because unlike the original material, this vinyl floor is very easy to maintain. This floor is more recommended for rooms for internal use and is especially beautiful in large living rooms and bedrooms. Despite this recommendation, we must emphasize that it is a floor suitable for places of frequent passage because it is extremely resistant, as well as being resistant to water and to different temperature changes. Along with the above, it has 4 bevels and a convenient non- slip treatment for greater safety.
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ARTENS Medio Manassa vinyl tile

If you are looking for a cheap vinyl floor, but of very good quality, you should definitely consider this model that imitates cement, a material that is very fashionable today. It is also a type of flooring that can be placed in any room of the house because it is very resistant, even in areas with a lot of traffic. Of course, it is more recommended for internal use than for external use. Like other vinyl flooring that we have shared with you, this one is also very easy to install., since it works through the click system. Similarly, it is compatible with underfloor heating by water. It is very practical, it is easy to clean and it is easy to install, in a few minutes you will be able to enjoy this new floor at home and without having to resort to a specialist for its installation.
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Vinyl tile ARTENS Forte Zinc Vinyls

for floorsThey are practical, beautiful and functional and this is a good example of it. If you want to completely renew the style of your home and have a much more polished and new look, you should try putting this vinyl floor that imitates metallic ceramic. This floor is recommended for rooms with intense use and passage, because it is resistant and also has a neutral color that hides any light stain or dirt very well. On the other hand, the installation is simple by clicking and it is compatible with underfloor heating by water. Additionally, it is a resistant floor, extremely easy to clean and that, with the minimum care required, can last a long time and look like new.
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TARKETT Forte Puzzle vinyl tile

With an avant-garde design, thisVinyl flooring is also positioned as one of the best alternatives to have at home, especially in humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, because it is extremely resistant thanks to the fact that it is made with an extra protective layer. Although the design is so modern and neutral that it is also perfect in any other room in the house. Resistance and ease of maintenance are the other two key characteristics of this vinyl floor , as well as its ease of installation. It is a high quality product and a magnificent design at an excellent price.
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Self-adhesive vinyl tile ARTENS Forte Gatsby

This Leroy Merlin self-adhesive vinyl floorIt has a great personality, so it is perfect if you want to make your home stand out. Ideal for any room due to its resistance to humidity and changes in temperature, it is a floor that adapts perfectly well to striking, elegant and stylish decorations. It has a very simple installation and is recommended for high-traffic interior areas, since it offers magnificent results. On the other hand, it is also compatible with underfloor heating by water. A magnificent alternative for its design, resistance to water and quality in general.
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Which of these seven magnificent vinyl floors is your favorite
They all have incredible designs, are easy to install and super resistant.

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