Blood pressure is the pressure with which the blood circulates through the blood vessels. Hypertension is a pathology capable of damaging the heart , kidneys or brain without presenting any symptoms. This pressure varies depending on many factors: the temperature, the physical activity that we are doing, some medications, food are circumstances that must be taken into consideration. In this sense, if you suffer from hypertension it is essential that you control your diet and that you bet on a type of food that is suitable for keeping this problem at bay.
Although there is a special diet for hypertension, which includes fresh foods that do not have much sodium , it is very important to know which foods are prohibited in hypertension. And although it is proven that reducing salt in meals reduces blood pressure, it is not the only food that can harm.


1. Sausages .
Sausages are another of the prohibited foods for high blood pressure. This is because the process that is usually followed to pickle and prepare this type of food includes a large amount of salt and toxins.that prevent the proper movement of blood flow.

2. Sweet and ultra-processed.
Sugar produces an increase in blood sugar that causes blood vessels and blood circulation to be altered. In addition, excess sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity, two diseases that are related to high blood pressure.

3. Red meat .
Nor can we abuse red meat, in fact, it is best to take it only occasionally or, if we can, stop consuming it. This food is rich in iron, but it is also very rich in saturated fat, so it is better that we avoid it.
These substances contribute to high blood pressure and negatively affect theplatelet formation and blood clotting.

Four.Whole dairy .
Milk , yogurt, and cheese are good sources of minerals like calcium and magnesium, but they also contain saturated fat and salt, which increase blood pressure. The best option is to consume skimmed dairy products.

5.Alcoholic beverages

Wine, beer, spirits… any type of alcoholic beverage stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and heart rate, which raises blood pressure. It has been shown that more than two drinks a day are associated with hypertension. However, recently it has been claimed that even minor intakes could have a detrimental effect.

6.Seafood and anchovies
They are foods with a high amount of sodium, so their effects can be harmful on hypertension . It is best to eat fish such as flounder or trout which are low in sodium and are excellent sources of protein.

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