Roller coasters
are steel rides that spring up in amusement parks around the world. These structures are exclusive pastimes for suspense lovers. And the thrill.
Classified according to height, speed and length, roller coasters are one of the main attractions of amusement parks .
For this reason, theme parks often compete in the construction of these rides. Only the fastest, highest mountains with longer exits are an unmissable attraction for lovers of heart-pounding emotions. Higher still, even more sensational, seems to be the motto of the roller coaster. But only true roller coasters are worth celebrating. And we did it through a ranking .
Here are the 6 highest roller coasters in the world .

6 – Fury 325: 99 meters
Photo by Ronwen1.

  • Amusement Park : Carowinds
  • Localita: North Carolina

And here we are in the fifth position . Fury 325 , one of the most impressive attractions at Carowinds Amusement Park, North Carolina , is destined to prove itself as one of the fastest and most impressive roller coasters in the world. Whoever manages to take this roller coaster reaches a maximum height of 99 meters. Too bad, it was close and we were 100 meters above the ground. During the journey, you reach 153 km / h. Curiosity: during the route, which lasts a couple of minutes in all, it is possible to pass above and under the main entrance of the park. Seeing is believing.

5 – Red Force: 112 meters
Photo by Christophe95.

  • Amusement Park : Ferrari Land, PortAventura
  • Location : Spain

Red Force is located at the Ferrari Land park within the PortAventura complex, in Spain. This spectacular Russian mountain promises to bring the sensations of F1 to life, through an adrenaline-fueled route 880 meters long and a maximum height of 112 meters; with an acceleration of 180km / h in just 5 seconds.

4 – The Tower of Terror II: 115 meters
Photo by Jordan Messenger.

  • Amusement Park : Dreamworld
  • Localita: Australia, Gold Coast

The Tower of Terror II , boasts an enviable record: it was the first roller coaster in the world to reach 160 kilometers per hour .
In case you are interested, the tower of terror is located inside the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast. Specifically in Australia, Queensland. Originally known as the Tower of Terror it underwent modifications in September 2010. As of this date, the Tower of Terror, with its 115 meters, has taken the fourth position in the ranking of the highest roller coaster in the world. Its vertical descents develop along the slopes of a hill that runs along the entire park, this also allows you to enjoy an excellent view. Provided you can keep your eyes open.

3 – Superman: Escape from Krypton: 126 meters
Photo by Jeremy Thompson.

  • Amusement Park : Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Location : Valencia, California

The tallest and fastest roller coaster in the state of California , the Escape from Kypton , takes third place in the ranking , taking the bronze medal. To mount on these attractions, a strong stomach is a necessary precondition. With its dizzying heights, in fact, the Escape from Krypton offers massive doses of emotional suggestions. The very fast ascent and the equally rapid descent leave no room for words. Maximum peak
126 meters!

2 – Top Thrill Dragster: 130 meters
Photo by Eric Marshall.

  • Amusement Park : Cedar Point
  • Localita: Sandusky, Ohio

In second place in this ranking , with a peak that reaches 130 meters, we find the Top Thrill Dragster . This roller coaster is located in Cedar Point, Ohio , USA. There is not a soul who, after having traveled the orbit of the Top Thrill Dragster, does not declare himself upset. As far as we are concerned, we can assure you that the launch from this tower, with its 270 degree rotation, represents one of the most exciting sensations you can experience in life. The maximum speed is close to 193Km / h. The only contraindication: in the event of a headwind, the train cannot climb the top of the tower. So, before you go, check the weather conditions.

1 – Kingda Ka: 139 meters
Photo by Dusso Janladde.

  • Amusement Park : Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Localita: Jackson, New Jersey

The Kingda KA , known as the tallest roller coaster in the world , is located in the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park, in the town of Jackson, in the US state of New Jersey . Inaugurated in 2005, they reach a speed of 206 km / h .
The Kingda Ka roller coaster consists of four trains, identified by a specific color: blue, green, orange and light blue. They owe the supremacy of height to the main tower, located 139 meters above sea level .
From here, you go down vertically to the so-called camel hump, with twists at 270 degrees.
Here is a video of Kingda Ka: Pure dizziness.

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