The Juan Roig supermarket
chain is not only committed to quality, but also to the best flavours. Their products are famous for being innovative, cheap, very rich and, increasingly, they bet on what is healthy . Following recommendations made by nutritionists and real fooders, such as Carlos Rios, here we leave you a list of 5 ‘snacks’ that you can find in Mercadona, with good nutritional values and also low in calories. So that the next time you want to snack between meals you choose healthier options.


These are very healthy frozen soybean pods that only need to be cooked for 3-5 minutes before consumption. Among its multiple properties are its high fiber content (5%), protein (11%), iron or calcium, being also low in calories and satiating the appetite.
The only thing we have to do is pass them through the pan and store them in a bag to take them wherever we want, ideal to consume as snacks.


The healthiest of all is the classic recipe Hacendado Hummus. It has a very mild flavor and is perfect to accompany some meals. Fine texture, tasty and addictive for only 1.35.
It is a food rich in fiber and protein, low in fat, therefore perfect for a healthy and nutritious diet. In addition, it gives a feeling of well-being because it promotes the production of serotonin. This is obtained thanks to the combination of oil with paprika. It also helps control weight and stabilizes blood sugar.


It is difficult to find a guacamole as pure as the one sold by the Juan Roig chain. 95% of this product is guacamole and, furthermore, grown in Andalusia.
Rich in unsaturated fats and fiber, as well as low in calories. You can accompany it with a healthy snack like a carrot or some wholemeal toast.

4. Crispy cheese snack
Gluten-free and lactose-free cheese, 100% crunchy and with real ingredients, without processing, oils or flour, just: cheese, milk, salt and rennet. It is baked and only costs one euro. Another of the foods highly demanded by the followers of ‘realfooding’.


Another of the most recommended snacks to take between meals are raw nuts or, failing that, toasted. Although always better natural. We don’t have to eat the whole bag either, but a small handful of almonds in the middle of the morning will give you energy and you will continue with your healthy diet.
It should be remembered that the properties of dried fruits are endless. They are rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, Omega3 and phosphorus. In addition, they reduce cholesterol levels, help lose weight and even prevent cognition.

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