Summer is here and with it the most fun and hot days of the year. However, being hot, especially at night, is not an option. That is why, if you want to cool your home or office without having to make a large investment and without the electricity bill increasing significantly, the best alternative is to buy a pedestal fan.or any other model, according to your needs and preferences. The important thing is that it has the best value for money. There are many models of fans on the market, so it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the most suitable one. Some aspects that you can take into consideration are: the brand, if it has different speeds, that it has a good air flow, a robust base, oscillation capacity for better air distribution, whether or not it is silent, design, references from other buyers , among others. In order to choose the best standing fan, it is important that you first determine all the above aspects.

How to choose a pedestal
The pedestal fanIt is a perfect solution to constantly enjoy fresh air. They are easy to install and the designs and sizes are also very varied. Before opting for one or another option, it is recommended that you look at some characteristics and thus be able to make the best possible selection.

Diameter : you must select the diameter of the fan based on the size of the room, since if, for example, you choose a smaller diameter than necessary, it will be difficult for it to fulfill its function of cooling the environment. For a room less than 13 m2, you can buy a fan whose diameter is less than 107 cm. If the room is between 13 and 18m2, the most recommended is that the diameter is between 107 and 132cm. For larger rooms, the diameter should be greater than 132cm.

Silent : make sure that the fan you are going to buy is quiet enough, so that it can be turned on while you sleep without affecting you. Characteristics such as the type of motor and rotation speed are key in this regard.

Fan control : there are fans that work with a simple chain, others have a regulator that is placed on the wall and there are also those that work with a remote control.

Speed : it is recommended that the fan have several speeds. In this way, a soft spin speed can be placed in the bedroom while we sleep and a stronger speed during the day to cool the room.

The best silent pedestal fans
We show you the best selection of standing fans that you can find at El Corte Ingles, Leroy Merlin or Amazon, so you can buy the one that best suits your needs.

El Corte Ingles VP-40NRC with timer

Among the many options of floor fans from El Corte Ingles , this model stands out for having a magnificent value for money. The base is robust, which provides great stability to the device. On the other hand, it has three speeds and is oscillating, ideal for cooling the entire room. A great added value is that it incorporates a remote control and among its many functions, the LED touch control and the timer of up to 7.5 hours stand out.

Price: 36 euros
Buy at El Corte Ingles

This tower or column fan is a practical and elegant solution to have in any space, especially in areas such as the living room or dining room. It has 3 speeds and an oscillating function ideal for distributing the air throughout the room. Another advantage is that it is very easy to handle, it is light and easy to move to where it is most needed.

Price: 28.99 euros
Buy at Leroy Merlin

Cecotec Standing Fan

Among the many options of standing fans on AmazonThis is one of the best positioned for features such as: power, ease of use, stability and multiple speeds. Another great point in favor is that it incorporates a timer which can be programmed for up to two hours. Similarly, it is extremely quiet, ideal for use at night.

Price: 30.99 euros
Buy on Amazon

EQUATION DC Silent floor fanLeroy Merlin
floor fans
are characterized by adapting to all needs and this one in particular is one of the best on the market and this is demonstrated by the comments and references of others customers. It is ideal because it has a good level of power, it is oscillating, low consumption and extremely quiet. Similarly, it also stands out for being astanding fan with remote control , have a digital display and a timer of up to 12 hours.

Price: 74.99 euros
Buy at Leroy Merlin

Orbegozo SF 0149 standing
This standing fan has a great value for money. We highlight it for having good power, which ensures a continuous air flow throughout the room. It has an oscillating movement and also the head can be tilted to better adjust it to the needs of each moment. The base is extremely stable and despite this, it is considerably simple. The grille, on the other hand, is easily removed to be able to clean the device without any inconvenience. Another advantage is the possibility of adjusting the height, which allows it to be used in more spaces and also obtain a good air flow. It offers three speeds and is very easy to manipulate.

Price: 28.99 euros
Buy on Amazon

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