Speakers, straps, amplifiers or covers among the products that you will find with great discounts in the already famous 11.11 of AliExpress . The single day is settling in our shopping dates as Black Friday did in its day , this marketing strategy originates in Asia where offers are launched and it is increasingly gaining more prominence among buyers.
Known as “Singles’ Day” , every November 11th this day is celebrated in China and to take advantage of this holiday, several platforms such as K-Tuin have come together to do the same job as AliExpress: offer customersdiscounts on all items. Technology is one of the sections with the greatest discounts and, for this reason, we have selected the five best mobile phones on the platform.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro

AliExpress puts at our disposal one of the best phones on the market at an unbeatable price. The Asian company offers this phone with a capacity of up to 128 GB and is available in three colors: gray, blue and bronze.
One of the peculiarities of this device is the camera . It has a distinctive imaging system that is super sharp and really punchy. Thanks to its 4 cameras of up to 108 MPYou can enjoy the angles it offers you and the depth of its sensors. You will discover details never seen before just by using the main camera and it is designed for night photography. This camera is equipped with dual native ISO, with greater dynamic range and professional noise control.
The display gives you real-world intensity and is instantly responsive, while you don’t have to worry about the battery, which lasts up to two days with normal use.
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OnePlus 8T

This mobile has a higher quality and its price is higher than the previous model. It has more than 6 inches and its screenIt is the strongest feature it has. It has a really low responsiveness lag and swipe will make you believe thanks to its smooth 120Hz display . Its color recision is extreme and makes every movie shine and every game come to life. Thanks to the gradients that it has incorporated, the images are more exciting and attractive.
With its 4,500 mAh battery you can power your mobile throughout the day and if that were not enough, with the Warp Charge 65 charger you will charge your device in 150 minutes.
His design is created to perfection. It is meticulously handcrafted and the contours are thin in order to create a perfect frame that lives on the phone.
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Samsung Galaxy A22

Available in both black and purple, the Samsung company has designed a high-end mobile at an affordable price for everyone. With built-in 5G , the speed is amazing and thanks to the latest updates to the mobile data network they bring with them greater coverage that changes the way you consume and share content.
Its screen of more than 6 inches makes it a highly valued device. Thanks to its FHD+ technology , you will discover the best way to enjoy your content every day.
With its 48 MP main camera you can capture unique moments in detail and expand the viewing angle or customize the background focus.
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Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

The design of this phone will make you fall in love with it. Light, elegant and refined, Xiaomi has presented one of its latest models at a price according to the quality of the device.
It has an ultralight weight, specifically 157 grams , and it is comfortable and manageable to take it with you without any concern. With the latest technology, it comes with the curved side fingerprint sensor , which has been seamlessly integrated into the compact unlock button and offers a smoother experience than previous models.
Buy on AliExpress Poco F3 5G

Perhaps it is the least known of all, but it can offer a wide variety of utilities that will not make you regret it. Available in several colors, this mobile is designed to be the most powerful to date. It is a faster and more resistant device and has a high-speed processor and powerful storage .
The compact body packs plenty of power, and no matter what you’re doing, the battery will easily keep up with you hour after hour. Charge to 100% in 52 minutes through its fast charge of 33 W.
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