MILAN – How many times do we hear that the book market is at a loss
What to do as a writer does not pay, because the public reads little
It is true, yet not all writers have had a job to lose, on the contrary. Lithub has compiled a list of the 25 writers who have earned the most in the last ten years, and we are talking about millions of dollars. The data is sourced from Forbes , and was calculated without taking into account taxes, contributions to lawyers and managers.
So, who is the richest writer in the world
And how much has he earned in the last 10 years
? Spoiler: Rowling is not in the first place. Michael Wolff: $ 13 million
American journalist, writer and essayist, Michael Wolffwrites for USA Today and Hollywood Reporter. He is the author of seven essays on political and social issues, his latest bestseller and Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House , an analysis of the internal politics of the President of the United States. Gillian Flynn: $ 22 million Gyllian Flynn has released three thriller novels: On the Skin , In Dark Places and Lying Love from which two film adaptations were made, Gone Girl from (Liar Love) and Dark Places. and a television one, Sharp Objects, from Sulla Pelle. Paula Hawkins: $ 23 million
Also known as Amy Silver, the British writerPaula Hawkins achieved commercial success in 2015 with the psychological thriller Girl on the Train . Her second thriller, released in 2017 and Inside the water . David Baldacci: $ 26 million
Author of thriller novels, David Baldacci made his debut in 1996 with Absolute Power , an immediate bestseller from which a film adaptation with Clint Eastwood was made. His latest novel is The Escape . Tom Clancy: $ 35 million
Writer, screenwriter and video game author, Tom Clancyand he too dedicated to the thriller genre, in particular and inventor of the techno-thriller genre. His latest novel is Total Challenge . John Green: $ 45 million John Green
‘s name is linked in particular to two novels: his first, 2006 Pritz Award-winning Looking Alaska , and 2012 bestselling Fault in the Stars . ‘infinite . Nicholas Sparks: $ 46 million
Let’s stay in the romantic genre with Nicholas Sparks , very prolific author of great love stories: The Pages of Our Lives , The Steps of Love , Dear Johnare just some of the titles that have made this writer famous. Bill O’Reilly: $ 52 million
American political journalist, Bill O’Reilly and author and co-author of essays on contemporary history, politics and news. His most famous bestseller is Killing Kennedy . Veronica Roth: $ 52 million Veronica Roth is the author of the bestselling Divergent trilogy . George RR Martin: $ 60.5 million
One of the most acclaimed fantasy authors of recent years, George RR Martin is the author of the Game of Thrones series , which became famous thanks to the famous HBO TV series. Ken Follett: $ 68 millionKen follett and author of numerous novels of different literary genres: spy novels, historical novels, and even science fiction. His latest work is The Pillar of Fire . Stephenie Meyer: $ 75 million Stephenie Meyer is the author of the most popular vampire quadrilogy of the 2000s: Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse and Breaking Dawn . Her latest book is Life and death . Rick Riordan: $ 91.5 million
Young adult and fantasy author Rick Riordan achieves commercial success with Percy Jackson and the Olympians saga(2010). Dean Koontz: $ 101 million
Back to the mystery genre with Dean Koontz , author of bestselling suspense thrillers. The latest novel of him and The night kills . Dan Brown: $ 111 million
One of the most well-known thriller writers of recent times, Dan Brown ‘s masterpiece and The Da Vinci Code. His latest book, on the other hand, is Origin . Suzanne Collins: $ 114 million Suzanne Collins is the author of the hugely successful dystopian trilogy of the Hunger Games , from which the most successful film adaptations were made. Nora Roberts: $ 128 million
Author of romance novels with a thriller background, Nora Roberts has written more than 150 novels over the course of her career. The Last and The Liar . Janet Evanovich: $ 153 million Janet Evanovich is a romance novel author. Very famous, in particular, is the series of novels dedicated to the protagonist Stephanie Plum. Her latest book published in Italian and Otto Volante . EL James: $ 153 million
Still pink fiction, this time with an erotic background. EL James is the author of the best-selling trilogy that began with Fifty Shades of Gray . Jeff Kinney: $ 165 million
First-Ranked Children’s Book Writer,Jeff Kinney is the author of the comic series Diario di una schiappa . John Grisham: $ 192 million
Who has never read a John Grisham thriller
The latest book by this bestselling author is The Big Scam . Stephen King: $ 259 million
We enter the top 3 richest writers of the past decade with Stephen King , the king of thriller and horror literature. Author of masterpieces such as The Shining , It and Pet Semetary , his latest book and The Outsider . JK Rowling: $ 546 million
Couldn’t miss itJK Rowling , author of the most successful fantasy saga of the last 20 years. She went on to write after Harry Potter, often under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. Her latest book is Lethal White . James Patterson: $ 836 million
And finally we come to the top position in the ranking of writers who have earned the most in recent years, and the palm goes to the author of the thriller par excellence. James Patterson and author of the very successful investigative series dedicated to Alex Cross, The Women of the Homicide Club, and Michael Bennet respectively. His latest novel is The Murderer’s Heart .

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