• Try to change it.
    Think about it, how you would feel if a man started telling you how to dress, do your hair and behave
    . I’m sure you wouldn’t be very happy with it, yet it is precisely this attitude that men complain the most about. Don’t fall in love with a man’s potential, and remember that men are what they seem.
  • Generalizing about men.
    It’s easy to generalize about men, especially when they make you mad, but if you want a story to work, it’s best not to make a shit out of every weed (even when you’re sure you’re right). Men hate to think that you are comparing them to exes you have loved.
  • Complain about your body.
    She goes out with you because she finds you attractive, so stop seeking constant reassurance by denigrating your physical appearance. If you don’t like yourself, try to change, otherwise feel good anyway. If you don’t, you run the risk that, sooner or later, he will realize that that nice rear end that he liked so much is as unwatchable as you say.
  • The perennial diet.
    Being with someone who only eats lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner is very unpleasant, but it is equally sad to hear a woman talking about the calories she ingests. Go on a diet if you have to, but avoid sharing the details.
  • Check his habits.
    Insisting that he organize something and then be with his breath on his neck if he does not do it in the times that you consider acceptable, is to check his habits. Likewise, reminding him that he has promised to quit smoking or go to the gym is to control his habits. This attitude will eventually send him into a beast and get the opposite result.
  • Cite psychological help manuals.
    By now you know that you are women who love men with “Peter Pan syndrome” too much. Stop! Self-analysis is certainly useful, excess of analysis hurts, indeed very badly, if you want the story to work.
  • Read him the horoscope.
    Don’t get obsessed with astrology and live independently of the horoscope. To make him understand that you are compatible, you don’t need magic formulas, and you don’t need the daily horoscope to smooth out the difficulties in your relationship.
  • Take it out if he makes fun of you.
    If you have siblings, you probably know how to play the game. If, on the other hand, you are an only child or grew up in an environment of only girls, you have not had the opportunity to train yourself to bear the jokes of males. If so, it’s worth knowing that men often resort to antics to show their affection. It is all about affectionate teasing, if you take it you will end up being overly emotional.
  • Overwhelm him with messages.
    You interpret this behavior as a way to keep in touch; him as an attempt to control his moves. Most men use text messages, e-mails and phone calls as ways to communicate concrete information; that is, they want you to know something and then they let you know. Most women use the same means only as a way to keep in touch. Find a good compromise, or you will end up feeling suffocated.
  • Ask him what he is thinking about.
    He has his gaze lost in the void, he is silent, and you worry about what he is thinking, but, when you ask him, he utters the usual words: “Ehh, nothing”. If you are tempted to deepen, keep in mind that the “nothing” of men does not coincide with the “nothing” of women (similar to that of “you should know what’s wrong”). He’s not really thinking about anything!
  • Ask him questions about his ex.
    This is the perfect recipe for unleashing maximum irritation. What you really want to hear is that his ex is an evil witch, thank goodness he got rid of her! However, if you persist long enough, he may tell you otherwise. And then how would you feel
  • Talk to him about your ex.
    No man likes to know that he is not the first one you loved (carnally and spiritually), so avoid being the kind of woman who puts her ex on a pedestal and keeps talking about it, because you run the risk of becoming the single woman who puts his ex on the pedestal.
  • Behaving like a lost sheep.
    If you need reassurance, say it, but be careful not to behave like the poor lost sheep. Nobody wants to be with a woman who must be constantly reassured and treated with velvet gloves. If this is your way of getting attention, change it.
  • Tell your close friends about your relationship.
    Women exchange confidences, men don’t, so avoid spreading intimate confidences about your story, because he doesn’t like it and doesn’t understand the reasons that push you to do so. The less you tell the better, and especially when it comes to personal matters about him, your sex life and your problems.
  • Always cry.
    Cry a lot and for no reason. Generally, men find women’s crying irritating, simply because they interpret it as manipulative and calculated behavior. You may be very emotional, but crying will come back to haunt you if you use it to get what you want.
  • Criticize his friends.
    For almost all men, friends are like family, they can insult them but don’t think you can too (unless you have a good reason)! Overall, the best behavior when dealing with his friends is to keep them at a distance and learn to appreciate them.
  • Become like him.
    Otherwise you risk becoming a bad copy of him. It is not said that you have to like football, you have to be interested in motors or martial arts only because they are areas that your him like. When you find the right man, it makes no difference whether you go crazy for Kylie Minogue and he hates her, or that you like to do aerobics and him lounging on the couch.
  • Change your mind every two by three.
    Not only about the restaurant, what to wear and what to do, but also about your history. Changing your mind too often makes you look unreliable and complicated and makes men insecure.
  • Ask idle questions.
    Idle questions are those that men know they only answer the wrong way, for example: I look fat
    Guess what I changed about my appearance
    Your ex was prettier / nice / sexy than me
    If you want reassurance and compliments, ask questions direct and positive, don’t force him to make comparisons.
  • Talk too much.
    For example, rambling nonstop. This is the behavior that triggers the most male irritation, especially if you keep talking while watching a DVD, while he is on the phone or reading a book. You don’t have to talk all the time to feel united with someone. Taken from: Anita Nayk, “Men, instructions for use”, Morellini Editore


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