These days we have been aware of the autumn trends because we were dying to know what would be the prints that would mark all our looks. Now, the autumn trends have spoken and Stradivarius has confirmed it for us : the geometric print returns to our wardrobes. The confirmation of Stradivarius (who had already conquered us with his new high pants with infinite legs effect) comes in the form of an irresistible dress that is only worth 20 and that has already completely conquered us.
Ideal to wear with high boots, the 20 euro dress from Stradivarius that confirms the return of the geometric printour wardrobes seem like an absolute design fantasy. In the first place, because we are passionate about geometric patterns. Last spring , the geometric print took over all the new collections of our favorite firms. Shirts, pants, dresses… All the garments were dyed with a geometric print and it couldn’t seem more original, daring and different to us.
We are used to floral prints, animal prints and the eternal polka dots and finally seeing an original print made our imagination fly and we came up with infinite outfits. For this reason, the 20 euro Stradivarius dress that confirms the return of the geometric print has made us so happy. Second, and no less important,The Stradivarius dress has a super retro design that is in perfect harmony with the latest trends this fall.
If every season there is a decade that serves as a source of inspiration for the world of fashion, this autumn-winter it is the 70s that flood everything. Hence, the Stradivarius low cost dress with geometric print present, not only a print that evokes those wonderful years, but a design of the most seventies .
Short sleeves, midi length and a box neck that is almost a perkins (this type of neck is also going to sneak into our wardrobes this season) are the characteristics of this Stradivarius dress that confirms the return ofgeometric print to our wardrobes and, in addition, it leaves us one of the most versatile garments of the season. Best of all, not only is it the return of one of our favorite prints, but the Stradivarius dress is only worth 20 and so it is very easy to succumb to the charms of a new trend that cannot be missing from our wardrobes .

This is the Stradivarius geometric print

dress The 20 euro Stradivarius dress that confirms the return of the geometric print to our wardrobes is a knit design with a perkins neck and short sleeves. These characteristics make it a super wearable and versatile piece. We can bet on combining the dress with sneakers and a vest in shades of blueIt’s for an informal look, but with rollazo. Another style option is to combine the geometric print dress with a suede jacket and knee-high boots . A super seventies look to make this dress the best example that the geometric print is the most irresistible of all the prints this season.
Available from size XS to XL, the Stradivarius geometric print dress is priced at 19.99 euros.

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