It is to see how the summer holidays are approaching and that we are invaded by a crazy desire to get away from all the devices; close the computer, silence the mobile. Above all, this year during which we have spent too many hours in a row in front of a screen. The perfect remedy to rest your eyes and clear your mind seems as simple as every summer, read a good book under the sun , if possible on one of the best beaches in Andalusia (and by the way, watch a sunset lost between the pages of a book).
We know that during the year it is difficult to keep up with literary news, we have very little time to dedicate to reading. With the arrival of summer we go back into that passionate adventure that turns out to arrive at a bookstore and choose the titles that will become the protagonists of our desired vacations . The objective is not an easy task, too many options and literary temptations . Therefore, so that you do not go crazy looking for the book with which to reset your mind this summer , we propose some perfect titles to read while resting on the beach or in the pool.
He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot, said Miguel de Cervantes. Unintentionally, the author of Don Quixote summarized the keys to a summer of enjoyment and disconnection: traveling and reading. Whether you are faithful to the paper format or if you have easily got used to the digital format; you opt for the novel, the essay or poetry; Whether you read from your lounger by the pool or from the seashore, this summer 2021 will become your ideal time to reconnect with reading and disconnect from the routine .
This list of fifteen books to read this summer will make you wish for a couple more months of vacation to dedicate to enjoying such exciting reading. Discover our selection of books to read on the beach or by the pool and reset your mind this summer.

1. An Inopportune Woman, Dominick Dunne (2019)

In Los Angeles, in the early nineties, everyone envies Pauline and Jules Mendelson. Married for more than twenty years, with an impeccable reputation and always wrapped in a halo of studied elegance, their parties in their splendid mansion are a must in the social life of the city . But this stamp of perfection dissipates when the lights go out. Thus, when Jules falls in love with Flo, a waitress who dreams of being an actress, he believes that he will be able to control the situation and maintain a discreet affair with her, without suspecting that it will turn into a dangerous obsession .
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2. Nobody sleeps, Juan Jose Millas (2018)

As a child, Lucia lost her mother in strange circumstances , when a bird hit her in the head. Years later, losing hisjob as a computer programmer decides to spend her savings on a taxi license, and register as self-employed. In addition, Lucia has discovered the opera, by one of her neighbors, the actor Braulio Botas , who plays it at high volume. Although she feels in love with him, she has moved without clarifying where, so the only hope of meeting him again is that one day she takes him as a passenger in the taxi.
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3. Infinity in a Reed, Irene Vallejo (2019)

This is a book about the history of books . A journey through the life of that fascinating device that we invented so that words could travel through space and time.The history of its manufacture, of all the types that we have tested over almost thirty centuries : books of smoke, stone, clay, reeds, silk, leather, trees and, the latest arrivals, plastic and light.
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4. The Baltimore Book, Joel Dicker (2016)

Until the drama occurred, there were two branches of the Goldman family: the Baltimore Goldmans and the Montclair Goldmans . The Montclairs, of which Marcus Goldman is a part, are a middle-class family who live in a small house in the state of New Jersey. The Baltimores, prosperous and on whom luck has always smiled, live in a luxurious mansion in a high-society neighborhood in Baltimore.. Eight years after the drama, Marcus Goldman puts the past under the magnifying glass in search of the truth about the decline of the family. Among the memories of his youth , he revives the fascination he felt as a child for the Baltimore, with his vacations in Miami and the Hamptons and his elite schools. Over the years the brilliant patina of the Baltimore fades as the Drama takes shape. Until the day everything changes forever .
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5. The Mohs Scale, Gata Cattana (2016)

The Mohs Scale is a table of ten minerals ordered by their hardnesswhich is used to measure the malleability of any other. And that’s what these poems are too, a unit of measurement of our principles, as people and as a society, a book that wildly asks us what we believe and what we believe. Everyone is sold. I sold myself for three millimeters of blue tanzanite iris in each eye, writes Gata. Everyone has a price, sentence.
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6. Tokyo Blues, Haruki Murakami (2007)

While landing at a European airport, Toru Watanabe, a 37-year-old executive, listens to an old Beatles song that takes him back to his youth, to the turbulent Tokyo of the sixties. With a mixture of melancholy and restlessness, Toru then remembers the unstable and mysterious Naoko, the girlfriend of his best and only friend from adolescence, Kizuki. The suicide of this distanced Toru and Naoko for a year, until they met again and began an intimate relationship .
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7. Wrinkles, Paco Roca (2007)

Emilio, a former bank executive , is admitted to a nursing home by his family after suffering a new Alzheimer’s crisis. There, he learns to live with his new companions and the caregivers who care for them. Emilio enters into a daily routine of slow cadence with predetermined schedules -taking medicine, nap, meals, gymnastics, going back to bed…- and in his pulse with the disease to try to maintain his memory and avoid being transferred to the top floor , the one for the disabled, he has the help of Miguel, his roommate.
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8. Alias ​​Grace, Margaret Atwood (1996)

Drawing on new European techniques, young doctor Simon Jordan interviews inmate Grace Marks, sentenced to life imprisonment for having participated in the murder of her husband in 1943. Grace tells her story from her childhood in Ireland, her years of poverty and marginalization in Canada until the moment of her conviction at the age of sixteen for the crime she committed.
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9. The Last Caton, Matilde Asensi (2001)

From the secret archive of Vatican City, Sister Ottavia Salina, an internationally renowned paleographer, faces a strange enigma: deciphering the tattoos that appeared on the corpse of a Ethiopian .
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10. Frontier woman: Defending the right to life is not a crime, Helena Maleno Garzon (2020)

A story of overcoming and dedication, that of a woman who decided to fight for those who risk their lives crossing the Strait … It was the first of hundreds of thousands of calls and tweets warning of drifting boats to protect life. It’s not something that would come for free.
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11. In Real Life: a novel in poems, Leticia Sala (2020)

It is not just the story of a young woman from Barcelona who finds love online thousands of kilometers away, in New York. An ode to the enormous effort to stay true to oneself in the age of technology. Narrated in a poetic key, the fate of this couple , whose relationship begins with love at first like, offers us a fragmented mosaic of essential momentsfull of insecurities and urban neuroses, so contemporary and universal.
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12. Who are you
, Megan Maxwell (2020)

Martina is a teacher and resists having to communicate with people through a screen , something that is becoming very fashionable in the Spain of the nineties. The chats attract everyone, but, without a doubt, they begin to be a great source of problems.
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13. The last dove, Men Marias (2021)

In front of the Rota naval base , behind the police cordon that cordons off the brutal scene, a group of neighbors calls for justice to be done: the body of the young Diana Buffet lies savagely mutilatedand with huge wings sewn to its back. Sergeant Patria Santiago knows that the murderer is going to kill again, but no one believes her, not even Corporal Sacha Santos. A single clue, the investigation that Diana was doing on the base , and its relation to the disappearance of a young woman sixty years ago, when the Americans arrived in Rota, seem to be the only threads to pull.
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14. I will give you all this, Dolores Redondo (2016)

In the majestic setting of the Ribeira Sacra, Alvaro suffers an accident that will end his life . When Manuel, her husband, arrives in Galicia to identify the body, he discovers that the investigation into the case has been closed too quickly. TheThe rejection of his powerful political family , the Muniz de Davila family, prompts him to flee but is held back by the allegation against impunity that Nogueira, a retired civil guard, wields against Alvaro’s family, nobles rocked by their privileges, and the suspicion that they This is not the first death in his environment that has been masked as accidental. Lucas, a priest friend of Alvaro’s childhood, joins Manuel and Nogueira in the reconstruction of the secret life of whom they thought they knew well .
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15. On Monday they will love us, Najat El Hachmi (2021)

The story of a seventeen-year-old girl who wishes to find freedomto find out what will make her happy. But the conditions from which she starts are complicated. She lives in an oppressive environment from which it will not be easy for her to get out without paying too high a price . It all starts the day she meets a girl whose parents live her cultural condition without the ties of the rest of her community, and who embodies what she longs for. Her new friend faces her first challenges that she, as a woman, presents her life with a vitality, enthusiasm and commitment that will fascinate her and encourage her to follow in her footsteps.
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