Summer readings recommended for the summer. Summer has always been the most awaited season of the year, because it is the moment when you know you can finally get away from school, university, work, in short, with everything related to the daily routine and have fun in beach with friends or organize the trip you have so desired to do, for which you have saved some money during the winter season. In addition, summer is for many people that time of year when they can devote themselves to books and classic summer readings. Summer Reading: The best books to read in the summer
There are those who, although they have shelves full of very recent books, prefer to always reread the same ones lying on the beach, while traveling or elsewhere. This, however, only happens with one’s own list of favorite books; for the numerous fans of the much acclaimed Harry Potter saga, a random example, as for the numerous lovers of literary classics. Today we bring you a list of 13 summer readings that you could read and reread every summer of your life, from the Bustle community . ON THE ROAD by JACK KEROUAC
Among the summer readings, this is a book suitable for those who love to travel: the novel tells, in fact, the numerous vicissitudes experienced by the two traveling companions Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, who, guided by the constant search for adventure, love and of the meaning of life , they travel the streets of the United States aimlessly. Where will the two WILD protagonists ever go. A WILD ADVENTURE STORY by CHERYL STRAYED
Although the story is entirely female, being the protagonist of the novel a woman, it does not mean that it cannot be appreciated by a wider audience of readers. Either way, the novel will inspire anyone who reads it to embark on a gripping journey. Get out of your comfort zone and live your ownadventure ! IN THE FOLDS OF TIME by MADELEINE L’ENGLE
It is a novel for children and more, certainly suitable for lovers of the fantasy genre . The theme of the journey is re-proposed here with the addition of the fantastic element: it is the adventure, within other galaxies, which the fourteen-year-old Meg and her little brother Charles Wallace make together with their friend Calvin to save their father. The latter, who is a scientist, accidentally ended up on an alien planet during one of his experiments: our little heroes will be able to save him.
Find out through one of the most engaging summer readings. LIFE OF PI by YANN MARTEL
Among the summer readings, this novel is highly recommended for lovers of all those “Robinson Crusoe” stories, full of adventures but whose main theme is the struggle for life . Pi, the shipwrecked protagonist, faces a long and difficult journey at sea in a small lifeboat, accompanied by a Bengal tiger, as hungry as the protagonist of the story. Will the two shipwrecked ZAMI survive. SO I REWRITE MY NAME
The novel by the African American poet Audre Lorde is suitable for those who love autobiographical stories. The author tells her story as an immigrant child in New York, of the discovery of herself as a woman victim of racismand the awareness of one’s homosexuality. All told against the backdrop of an America in the late 1950s. THE VALLEY OF EDEN by JOHN STEINBECK
It is the right novel for those who prefer stories full of hidden meanings . Against the backdrop of the Salinas Valley and the sandstorms that hit the central United States and Canada in the 1930s, John Steinbeck tells the story of the Tracks and Hamiltons, the two families who will have to relive the same tragic vicissitudes, generation after generation. of the biblical characters Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. HELL’S ANGEL by HUNTER S. THOMPSON
You love motorcycle travel
Then Hell’s Angeland the novel for you, one of the best summer readings! The protagonist is the homonymous gang of motorcyclists, of great international fame. The novel will allow you to enter their world and experience a journey on a roaring motorcycle. Are you ready to hear the roar of the engines and leave the tire marks on the asphalt A MAGNIFICENT SUMMER by BARBARA KINGSOLVER
It is the ideal novel for those who love nature . Against the backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains of North America and the surrounding countryside, the very different lives of Deanne, Lusa Maluf, Garnett and Nannie Land cross. The meeting between the protagonists represents a turning point for each of them that will lead to unexpected developments. THE FAIR OF VANITYby WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY
The novel is perfect for lovers of the classics of English literature. Often referred to as a “hero-free novel,” The Vanity Fair is a satire of 19th-century British society, full of gossip about arrogant and up-and-coming characters, as well as lovemaking, dramas, diatribes, marriages, births and deaths. One of the most recommended summer readings. HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE by GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ
Among the suggested summer readings, One Hundred Years of Solitude by the Nobel PrizeColombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the right book for lovers of busy reading that require time and total concentration, so it is preferable to read it in the summer. The novel tells the tragic vicissitudes of the Buendia family, whose progenitor founded the city of Macondo in Colombia. MISTAKE by MARY GAITSKILL Bad
behavior and ideal for those who prefer short stories, more aimed at a female audience. The collection reviews numerous cases of ” misconduct “, recounting the lives of some women who appear to us both rebellious and fragile, in search of the meaning of life and powerless: women who don’t mind being labeled as “good girls” . HIGH FIDELITY by NICK HORNBY
Alta Fedelta is the right novel for those who want to experience strong emotions . You will certainly pass from hearty laughter to moments of emotion. It will be a turbulent journey that will follow the story of Rob Fleming, the neurotic protagonist of the novel, owner of a vinyl store, who can’t stand living with someone who doesn’t listen to good music like him. THE UNBEATABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING by MILAN KUNDERA
For those who like to philosophize, one of the books to keep under an umbrella is undoubtedly The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a novel by the Czech writer Milan Kundera. In the cultural climate of the years of the Prague Spring, the protagonists, two pairs of lovers, experience an inner conflict: they are divided between the spasmodic search for the meaning of life and the daily, bitter discovery of its emptiness. One of the summer readings not to be missed.

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